SEL and Common Core
From The Anchorage School District youtube video on SELs and CCSS


The Common Core State Standards Initiative proponents believe that social emotional learning (SEL) is an important and necessary component in the standards.  This video from The Anchorage School District explains the correlation between SELs and the CCSS:




Does it sound like she is stating that the standards will (by using the word guide) in fact direct teachers what/how to teach, even as parents have been told for years that this is not so?  From the presentation and 2nd grade standards:


anchorage 1


anchorage 2

This Alaskan administrator believes there is a strong connection between SELs and the CCSS.  She offers that these skills should be taught actively in the classroom and the teaching of the skills are guided by the standards.  The one comment on the video:

anchorage comment

This teacher believes that it is embedded in the CCSS, which is opposition to the talking points of ‘CCSS doesn’t tell teachers how/what to teach’.

How do Common Core proponents measure what is effective/needed in the classroom which aligns to the CCSS?   A West Virginia  grandmother sent this (reprinted with permission):




Please note this is to “improve programming for social-emotional development”…..the purpose:
“self perception of social skills, perceptions of classmate’s social skills,…”

Notice the vendor: American Institutes of Research (AIR), doing research on our kids. Taking up valuable instructional time with more junk that should not be in our schools. These surveys have no place in our schools and they should be stopped.

Here is a document created by the AIR doctor referenced in the passive consent:



Dr. Kidron is supportive of CCSS as indicated in this post.  She is co-authored this brief,…/1528%20CCRS%20Brief%20d9_lvr.pdf,  which states (pg 9):


SEL Kidron and CCSS


Do the standards framework increase the ‘need’ for SEL as indicated by Dr. Kidron?  If SEL objectives are indeed a foundation for Common Core State Standards as stated by Dr. Kidron, that would be true.  This might explain to parents why they are seeing a plethora of worksheets and assignments on social/personal topics they find puzzling in an academic setting.  The grandmother is concerned about the necessity for a survey in public school wanting to know her grandchildren’s social-emotional beliefs and practices.  But if you accept Dr. Kidron’s statement, then you can understand why this is critical to the CCSS implementation.
The survey request from the school indicates that individual student information will not be included at any time, but unless you are with the child when he/she takes the survey, you cannot be certain.  It would be in the parent’s and child’s interest for the parents to view this survey and what type of questions are being asked.  Parents should also know where the survey results are being sent, who has access to this information, if this information will be sent to other organizations, governmental agencies and/or third party researchers.   If the survey is indicative of the document created by Dr. Kidron and provides information for policy/CCSS implementation, it will drive teaching practices and individual behavioral scorecards for students.  It will help determine/document whether your child is ‘college and career ready’ (beginning in the early grades) according to the privately written and copyrighted CCSS.  This information is quite different than academic grades and academic progress reports and parents should know where/how this information is being disseminated and to whom.


It would seem appropriate that active ‘opting in’ is necessary, rather than passive permission from parents when sensitive information is requested.  When personal information is being requested for students, whether in an aggregate or personally identifiable manner, parents should have an active, not passive, voice in their consent or denial.


From page 18 in the study co-authored by Dr. Kidron, you can see some of the sample surveys to determine SEL measures:


SEL Kidron and CCSS 2
SEL Kidron and CCSS 3


Here are the type of Federally funded surveys done by AIR in West Virginia:


WV and AIR


If you are in another state, research and determine what kind of surveys are being given to public school students, who is funding them, who is collecting the information and where it is going and for what purpose.  If you have a concern with your child answering such surveys, you might want to sign such a form at the beginning of the school  year opting your child out of ANY survey.  Study the Protection of Pupil Rights document and understand what your rights are as a parent and what rights your child has in the public education setting.  A goal for the next school year may be to have your district require ACTIVE permission for such surveys rather than passive permission.  If your district doesn’t see the need for active permission required, inform your district that you will not grant permission for any survey until you have had the opportunity to review it.  These type of surveys might just be discontinued from many schools if enough parents refuse student participation.



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