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Maryland has an important bill asking to keep school children safe by setting age appropriate limits and safety guidelines for screen use and devices in schools.  This is a public health bill to address the health risks posed to growing children by unregulated use of the schools’ digital devices.  By including specialists in a wide variety of health practices on the advisory committee, this legislation will protect the whole child from avoidable harm from these devices.   The hearing for HB1110 is scheduled in the House Ways and Means Committee on Friday, March 2 at 1:00  EST  – and they need your support.  If you want to see who supports or who testifies in opposition to the bill, you can watch Friday’s live-stream of the hearing by clicking here and going to bottom right of screen, Ways and Means Committee.

The bill text can be seen here:  HB1110 “Public Schools – Health and Safety Guidelines and Procedures – Digital Devices” and you can read the press release,  documented health risks,  and details here.

This bill has 32 co-sponsors and terrific support of many health advocacy groups but we need YOU to tell legislators how important it is to protect children. Even if you are out of state, please sign the petition below and in the comments section, let legislators and public health folks know that this bill can serve as an important blueprint for other states to follow.

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See important information from the Campaign for Commercial-Free Childhood below and sign their petition in support of this bill.

House Bill 1110 would require the Maryland Department of Education to develop health and safety guidelines and procedures for the use of digital devices in public school classrooms, in consultation with the Maryland Department of Health and an advisory panel of groups including CCFC, the Maryland Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Maryland State Medical Society, Parents Across America, the Maryland PTA, and other education and health advocacy groups.

A growing body of research demonstrates that excessive screen time is linked to negative outcomes for children, including attention and hyperactivity disorders and social-emotional problems; sleep disturbances and irregular sleep patterns in children under 12; and vision problems, including myopia and dry eye syndrome. And pediatricians and mental health professionals are increasingly concerned about digital addiction among children. But a rush to bring digital devices into classrooms has not been accompanied by protections which take into account the impact of excessive screen time on children’s health and well-being.

A hearing is scheduled for March 2, so children need your help now. Please sign our petition today, and ask Maryland lawmakers to develop guidelines for device use in schools that will protect children’s health.

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