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Restore Oklahoma Public Education (ROPE) has a request for those in other states opposed to Common Core: Contact Governor Mary Fallin for her signature on HB3399 which would eradicate Common Core from Oklahoma.  She can set the precedence for other states to exit the Initiative and regain true control of their state’s standards.  Missouri needs to be added to the list of citizens Governor Fallin hears from on Common Core!  Let’s get busy and send her our emails supporting the House and Senate in its historic vote to do away with Common Core State Standards in Oklahoma.

From ROPE:


As we told you Saturday, HB3399 (the repeal and replacement of Common Core) passed from both the Oklahoma House and Senate by an overwhelming majority Friday the 23rd. Governor Fallin has until June 2 to sign HB3399 to sign the bill into law.  If she chooses not to act, the bill will die by pocket veto.
If you are a member of the Oklahoma GOP whether a Republican voter or an office holder, please take a moment to sign this petition/letter from our State Committeewoman Carolyn McClarty asking Governor Fallin to sign HB3399.


In just 24 hours over a holiday weekend, there are HUNDREDS of SIGNATURES on the petition, and our mailbox has HUNDREDS of letters!  So far we have letters from CA, GA, HI, ID, WA, NJ, WI, CT, PA, OH, MN, NV, WY, CO, KS, and SD!!  We can’t stop there, though.  We need THOUSANDS to make our point!  Be sure to pass this email/info on to friends/family/neighbors!

Not only that, but we’ve made national news!  Our letter writing campaign has been featured in Breitbart News and advertised on the Truth in American Education network.

Go here to find instructions and sample letters for Oklahoma residents and those from other states and get ‘er done!

As usual, thank you so much for all your efforts to fight Common Core in Oklahoma – without you we’d NEVER have made it this far!
Very Sincerely,
Jenni White
Restore Oklahoma Public Education
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