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The president of the Columbia (MO) School Board was on a radio program talking about the Common Core support by the school board.  She referenced the regular talking points from CCSSO, NGA and Achieve but offered no facts on why this program would be successful.   From Columbia School Board Discusses Common Core:


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You can find the interview with President Christine King at the link.

Here is a post from Missouri Moms Against Common Core about the interview:


Just listened to a Common Core “Expert” from the Columbia Public Schools (a school board member) talk about Common Core this morning on a Columbia radio station. I felt sorry for her. She ran out of talking points and the host unintentionally stumped her by asking her too many questions that are not covered by the DESE talking points script.

High points: Ms. School Board used the word “rigor” liberally as if it meant something positive.

She said that she felt that those of us against Common Core were confused as to the difference between standards and curriculum. (Really? That argument is so tired and weak).

When Mr. Radio-guy-host asked her how much Common Core was going to cost her district she said she did not think it would cost her district anything more. Ms. School Board said it would not cost her district anything?!? WOWZA, if only that were true. This one point serves to prove how completely misguided and uninformed she is about Common Core ad the “INITIATIVE” that the beloved standards will usher in the next couple of years. She said it may have cost the district something more in professional development, but she did not think it would cost the district anything additional. (SHE IS ON RECORD saying this.)

She was asked by the Mr. Radio-guy-host of the show about Columbia School Board voting on CC…does he not know that NO DISTRICT EVER GOT A VOTE? Apparently not. She never really answered that question as I recall.

She insisted that Columbia had local control. She said one thing positive in that their district did not apply for Race To The Top District funds because they did not want to have to implement the Common Core Standards as overseen by the federal government, they wanted to do that on their own. I appreciated that. But, she was not sure when the Common Core was to be implemented fully state wide. She was said that testing next year would only be “pilots”. I am not sure what she is talking about there. At this time that is absolutely FALSE. SBAC will begin next year. We have a contract with them.

Then the host made some dizzying talk about Kentucky and not wanting to dumb down our Missouri kids and lower our standards like Kentucky…or something like that. Then Ms. School Board said, “oh no, Missouri’s standards are high now with Common Core”. (She may have used the word “rigorous” here.) Seriously? Does she not know that COMMON CORE STANDARDS are COMMON to all states. Can someone tell her that the standards are owned by two PRIVATE ORGANIZATIONS and are copyrighted. Does she not know that our federal register of July 29, 2009 says that Common Core Standards must be IDENTICAL across all states? Missouri is NO DIFFERENT THAN KENTUCKY…we are just not as far along in the implementation process as they are. We don’t get to deviate from what Kentucky is doing, Mr. Radio-host-guy. Same standards. Same tests paid for and developed by your federal government will lead to the same results as in Kentucky. They are just ahead of us because they got RTTT grant money.

Mr. Radio-host-guy you say you hated the tests of the NCLB. Do you not get that Common Core will usher in tests that are worse? We are about to see NCLB amped up on steroids. The new tests will now be used in the federally mandated evaluation of teachers that could cost them their jobs, and in the accreditation of districts JUST LIKE NCLB. Nothing has changed for the positive with Common Core, it is only worse. Why did Ms. School Board not talk about that? In Kentucky, the implementation of Common Core was expedited due to the grant money their state took from the RTTT initiative. This is EXACTLY where we are headed, Mr. Radio-host-guy. In fact, we have video of the Missouri Commissioner of Education, Chris Nicastro, admitting the Common Core Standards are the “FLOOR”. Those are the facts. We DID have excellent standards in Missouri…acknowledged in the top three in the country. NOW WE HAVE THE FLOOR.

Find that video here:


Ms. School Board was then asked a question that she was not sure about the answer to….again. She then made the comment she was looking to her phone for the help to that answer from someone. Seriously? So, she sat and spewed talking points and then admits that she does not know the answer to most of the REAL questions, and then tells the world that she is looking to her phone for help with answers. Mr. Radio-host-guy, your “Expert” made you look kinda silly.

We have answers, if you were just willing to hear them. We can document them, and we are glad to share.

I hate to tell you Ms. School Board…the Calvary won’t come. They don’t know the answers either, or they choose NOT TO answer those hard questions. Some of us have sat in hearings in Jefferson City at the Capitol over and over to hear the Commissioner of Education in Missouri, Chris Nicastro, REFUSE to answer those same questions. There are answers, but you won’t get them from the people who are feeding you talking points. Your booklet of talking points doesn’t cover the “real issues” of Common Core that have so many of us truly upset. We know the answers. We have researched and found them on our own by extensive review of federal Memorandums of Understanding, grant applications, and Cooperative Agreements. We know why we don’t like Common Core and it has nothing to do with standards. Why not ask us about why all the “uproar”? We know the answers. We don’t have to look to our phones or our “talking points”. Instead Mr.Radio-host-guy asks Ms. School board why people are against it, and to that she had to thumb through her notes to find the “correct” talking point. Sigh.



Well, that’s a first.  I’ve never heard a pro Common Core proponent admit to receiving answers to questions from administrators while in an interview.   It does remind you of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” and when the contestant is stumped, he/she can use three lifelines to get them through that tough question.  “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” was a game show.  Those who defend Common Core, the takeover of public education by private corporations held unaccountable to voters and legislatures, need to know their talking points a bit better than having to use a lifeline to answer a radio show host’s questions.   If you can’t rely on facts and research, you need to memorize the PR.  This isn’t a game and we aren’t laughing.

For MEW’s response on the Facebook page, click here.

For the facts about Common Core, visit the Missouri Coalition Against Common Core page here.

The Missouri Moms Against Common Core will hopefully be appearing on this radio show in the near future to offer the facts about Common Core.






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