mike lair letter
Form letter sent from Representative Lair to complaining constituents.

(You can access a larger copy of the letter courtesy of The Missouri Torch here)

Missouri Representative Mike Lair now says to The Blaze: ‘The Tin Foil Was Not Meant to Ridicule Anyone’

In the interview, Lair, the Republican chairman of the state House Education Committee, said he wasn’t mocking all Common Core critics when he proposed an amendment to appropriate $8 “two rolls of high density aluminum to create headgear designed to deflect drone and/or black helicopter mind reading and control technology.” The amendment was voted out of his committee, but hasn’t cleared the budget committee yet.

…Lair said being a conservative is not something that comes and goes, pointing to his award from the American Conservative Union.

“I am a proud conservative. Trust me, I do not want President Obama and other liberals to hijack the education curriculum,” Lair said. “I was trying to interject levity into a conversation that had gone past the point of logic and veered well into ‘black chopper country.’ It was in that spirit that other members of the House jokingly wrapped my desk in tin foil.”

This is from the same legislator National Review Online (a conservative publication) wrote about and asked Is This Guy America’s Most Arrogant State Lawmaker?

He doesn’t explain how the conversation had gone past the point of logic, what is considered ‘black chopper county’, nor does he explain how supporting this administration’s blueprint of education mandating more centralized control is a conservative idea.  He also doesn’t address the issue of the adoption of the standards circumventing the state legislature and voters while also not adhering to state statutes regarding the crafting and adoption of new standards.  He also doesn’t explain how Obama is “hijacking the education curriculum”.  Don’t the standards proponents insist “it’s not curriculum, it’s only standards”?

But I guess those are ‘black chopper’ questions to Representative Lair.

More from The Blaze:

Lair associated his views on Common Core with that of Mike Huckabee, a former GOP Arkansas governor and current Fox News host.

Ahem. If Representative Lair had truly been paying attention to the Common Core issue, he would understand that Mike Huckabee is not thought highly by those who desire true local control and less centralization of education.  He states that he has introduced a data bill which is true.  What is also true is that it is essentially worthless in protecting student data from being accessed by the consortia and the USDOEd.  In the hearing for his own bill, he stated that he really didn’t know that much about his own bill.

Here is my comment on The Blaze in response to the article:

I am from Missouri. Mike Lair is an apologist for our state educational agency and if he is the definition of a conservative, well, I am speechless. He DID respond to letters. He sent form letters to those who wrote him. He knows little about CCSS. In a House hearing, he stated that CCSS adoption was no different than adoptions of previous standards. Ah contraire! Previous standards were crafted by Missouri educators and THEY WERE WRITTEN before they were adopted. What an antiquated notion.

As far as “teachers have been implementing them so we can’t do anything differently now argument”? Does he know about the “sunk cost fallacy”? Michael Petrelli himself said in October 2013 in MO that the standards would NOT make kids STEM ready or prepared for 4 year colleges. Time to cut our losses now.



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