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From a Dr. Laura Facebook posting, January 14, 2015:

Answer today’s question: How do you think our public schools are failing our kids? I’ll be talking about why more and more parents across America are choosing to homeschool their kids, today, beginning at 11 PT / 2 ET on SiriusXM Stars 109.
Dr Laura

That question received an enormous response on Facebook:

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The top comment (501 likes) is from a teacher.  Her initial comment garnered 35 responses.  (The second comment was an additional comment she offered to readers):

As a teacher I can tell you we are not treated as the experts. I have real life work experience outside of academia and 3 degrees. I am given little if any credit to decide what is best for my students. Policy makers dictate from a platform of ignorance and force common core, parents expect teachers to provide the communication between them and their child ( heaven forbid you ask your kid about their grades and expect honesty) and society tells kids they can’t fail, if they do it is the fault of the teacher. If I didn’t do my job I wouldn’t continue to work but some people feel that is a perfectly valuable message to give our children. I am a conservative, ex police officer and I hold my students to task, I am one of the most popular teachers in my school…because I am passionate, I make my students work and I prepare them for life. Today is a snow day and I will be posting audio lessons for my students online and continuing to do my job. I have been in a hospital but that doesn’t make me a doctor, just because you have been in a school doesn’t make you and expert in education. Maybe policy makers need to step back and let us do our jobs and maybe let us as a society allow children to learn to fail and then teach them to succeed after failure.

One of the worst myths is that teachers support common core, don’t care or are uneducated. I have to send my children through public education as a parent I care and as a professional I take pride in my job. I have taught classes of 30 students that range from gifted to struggling and some with IEPs and was told to be sure they all pass the state standards test. Why such a diverse class? because parents and policy makers didn’t want children to feel as if they were being leveled or told they had different ability levels to ensure their self esteem. Then we are told as teachers to differentiate instruction meet the needs of each student, this has been proven to be ineffective but a person sitting at a university thought it sounded like it would work and a policy maker loved it. So I got each of those 30 students to pass the state test. The high achievers were not challenged but unless they wanted to take the AP curriculum they had no where else to go for the mandatory class required to graduate. I had to meet the needs of the lowest achievers. I was asked “why don’t you give the stronger students more work?” Simply because education then becomes punitive and they resent being singled out and given more work because they are gifted. It wouldn’t work in the business world so why do we think students would go for more work with no real tangible payoff.

My AP class is rigorous and prepares students but those students want to be there, they want the challenge and I can tailor instruction to 30 students with similar ability levels. Teachers play the hand we are dealt, we are not the dealers. This is just one of the few problems we encounter that was created by someone who doesn’t have to implement their own crap policies, but students need to earn their diplomas.



While I am prepared to receive comments on this blog from people who don’t like Dr. Laura and her opinions, the question is a valid one, regardless of who asks the question.  This teacher’s response is thoughtful and one who has been in the trenches and sees how education has been hijacked by special interests.  Don’t bother to Alinsky the messenger in a comment.  If you want to belittle the teacher, inform readers how she is ‘misinformed’, that she needs more professional development to become an ‘effective teacher’, this would be my response to those PR talking points and those reciting them:


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