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How can you help your school board members, teachers and schools who feel they have no choice?? How can YOU as parents feel you have a choice??  Help spread the news of the great Missouri opt out!!



This is a joined effort with Missouri Moms Against Common Core and other Common Core/Education sites.  We need 6% of the kids to not take the test for the state to have to throw out this national assessment!!


Missouri MOMS, YOU NEED TO SHARE THIS and be aware of this FACT.


In the Spring of this school year, 2014, your kids may be exposed to an SBAC Field Test. What this means is that your child will be used as a HUMAN SUBJECT for the development of the new tests that will be sold to our state and local districts next year. Our kids will be used as unpaid child labor. Your district should make you fully aware of this FACT and ask for your permission before doing this. FULL DISCLOSURE SHOULD OCCUR, but we know how that goes. Your consent needs to be in writing.



Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment

The Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA) of 1978, sometimes referred to as the Hatch Amendment,[1] is a law intended to protect the rights of pupils and the parents of pupils in programs funded by the United States Department of Education.[2]

The PPRA was written to protect the rights of parents and students in two specific ways. First, any material used by students in ED funded surveys, analyses, or evaluations will be made available to parents to inspect prior to use with their child.

Being that the Federal Department of Ed has openly admitted their funding of SBAC, and their involvement, the PPRA completely applies to this SBAC FIELD TEST. Thus, the part about “ANY MATERIAL USED BY STUDENTS IN ED FUNDED EVALUATIONS WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE TO PARENTS TO INSPECT PRIOR TO USE” should be honored.

AGAIN, SBAC is funded by the Federal Department of Education. Thus, federal law applies. The HATCH AMENDMENT protects your child, and you the parent from abuses of power such as this one. The data taken from this test will do nothing to benefit your child (YOU WILL NEVER SEE THE RESULTS), or the school. The results will never be given to your district for review.

In one Missouri school that we became aware of TODAY, the district realized the adamant rejection of this idea by the parents and they have “OPTED OUT”. That school will no longer be taking the pilot/field test. Educate parents in your districts and demand the same!!!!

If you want to see if your school is on the list check out these DESE links for your school:

If you refuse to allow for your child to be used as a human subject, OPT THEM OUT! Ask your school to opt out. This field test will take away from instructional time, only to profit the company that will sell us back the tests next year. Ask yourself, could this be against the law? Is this a violation of child labor laws? Is SBAC not conducting experiments in order to develop their own product? That product will be for sale. Is this not the exploitation of our children!

Please share! Spread the word. You have rights. Exercise them.





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Go to;  Click on the first link for another view of this document.




As the parent, or legal guardian of ______________________________,under U.S legislation and federal court decisions, I have the fundamental and legal right to direct the upbringing and education of my child which the school may not deny.  In addition, pupils have certain rights to have their privacy protected. According to the Rights and Responsibilities of Test Takers:Guidelines and Expectations, test takers have a right to present concerns about the testing process or reporting of results and receive information about procedures that will be used to address such concerns. Test takers also have a right to receive a brief oral or written explanation prior to testing about the purpose(s) for testing, the kind(s) of tests to be used, if the results will be reported to you or to others, and the planned use(s) of the results.


( I have not received any such explanation about online tests including the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) assessments and have concerns about the purpose of the tests, their content, and potential data security breach of student test information (see reverse side).


After much consideration, I respectfully and formally state that:

1)   I am opting my child out of any computerized formative or summative SBAC tests or other standardized test over any subject at the end of the school year, including online end-of-course assessments (EOC). I request that the school make accommodations for paper and pencil EOC tests, or meaningful alternative activities or assignments.


2)   NO personal data about my child or our family provided at the time of enrollment or during the school year shall be sent to any State or Federal agency, contractor or vendor outside of this school district without my specific written consent.


3)   Those school district employees, elected officials, contractors or vendors who violate this notice, by sharing my child’s and/or our family’s personal data outside this school district, without my written consent, shall be held accountable to the fullest extent of Federal and State laws.



Please insert a copy of this form in my child’s cumulative folder.


Child’s name____________________________________________ Grade Level _________

Parent’s name (printed) _______________________________________________________

Parent’s signature __________________________________________ Date______________

School Name____________________________________________________________________

School District ___________________________________________ School Year _________

Received by_____________________________________________ Date Received________


Parent Right to Information About Testing

Mo.Statute 160.570. ( See link:

The school board of each school district shall establish a written policy on student participation in statewide assessments.  The policy shall be provided to each student and the parent, guardian or other person responsible for every student under eighteen years of age at the beginning of each school year and a copy of the policy shall be maintained in the district office and shall be available  for viewing by the public during business hours of the district office.  A school board may establish    a policy designed to encourage students to give their best efforts on each portion of any statewide assessment established pursuant to section 160.518 which may include but is not limited to incentives or supplementary work as a consequence of performance.

A copy of the district’s written policy in statewide assessments should have been sent to parents at the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year. According to SBAC, the 2014 assessments are to determine validity and reliability of the tests, not to measure student mastery( Professionalism and ethics regarding transparency would have required that the 2013-2014 written policy include information about participation in pilot testing of the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) tests for establishing the reliability and validity of test items, and information about availability or consequences of opting-out. Feedback from an early administration of the 2014 SBAC test in a New Hampshire middle school revealed that the test is so poorly designed; the results are unusable ( Given the experience in New Hampshire, administration of SBAC tests in our school district is not justified.


Risk of Identity Theft and Invasion of Privacy

David K. Murotake, of Nashua, New Hampshire, deals regularly with cyber security. He is a former intelligence officer and developed all-source intelligence correlation and fusion algorithms. Most recently, he developed defensive architectures against certain forms of cyber-attacks. On March 19 and 20, he moderated a Cyber Summit in Washington DC. In his professional opinion, the ability to extract redacted student privacy information, using “Big Data” and “Data Analytics”,is a reality. He described far too many instances of banks and other agencies,either accidentally or as a result of cyber-attack, release millions of privacy records. He has seen classified and private data leaked from corporate and government data bases on a massive scale. The SBAC assessment data gathering system is a prime example of the data system targets vulnerable to such breaches of private data.


He recommends that online data Not be stored by a third-party testing agency, but on local SAU or State DoE servers; that the assessment user interface absolutely enforce a student or parental OPT-OUT option (like a radio button) which would then by-pass ALL privacy information other than student ID; and that NO privacy information be transmitted by the SAU or State to Federal data bases, OR third party testing agency data bases.  If the State DoE that holds the SBAC agreement cannot require implementation of these features prior to the scheduled Spring 2015 planned deployment of SBAC, then Murotake favors BANS on all assessments (whether or not CORE aligned) that employ online, adaptive testing methods without local storage of data, and strictly enforced opt-outfeatures. In those instances, he recommends employing “paper”tests.

Instructions and information about using the opt-out form

How do I use this opt-out form?

·      Check to see if your school is participating in any SBAC field tests:


English Language Arts:

·      If your child is a high school student, ask your child’s school counselor if your child is scheduled for an online End of Course Exam (E.O.C.).

If you find that your school is participating in the SBAC pilot or your student is scheduled for an E.O.C. assessment, then:

1)   Make copies of the form before completing it, to share with other parents.

2)   Fill-out the form to indicate that you do not allow your child to take any computerized, SBAC formative tests during the school year or a summative, computerized SBAC, E.O.C. or any other online standardized test over any subjects at the end of the school year.

3)   Make four copies of the completed form and distribute them as follows:

a.     Give one to the school office to be placed in the student’s cumulative folder.

b.    Give another copy to the teacher for her classroom files.

c.     Give the third to your child to present as a written reminder to the teacher that he or she is opted out of the testing described. Explain to your child that it serves as their note excusing them from the online test.

d.    Keep the fourth copy in your home files, dated with the time of submission to the school, and the signature of the person to whom it was presented.

4)   Review your child’s school folder to monitor compliance.

Common questions when opting out:


How will this stop common core and high-stakes testing?

Each district/state needs 95% participation to complete a validation process and meet USDOE requirements.  If at least 6% of each testing group refuses the test, the tests cannot be validated and the school cannot be held accountable for poor scores.  This frees our students from unnecessary stress, privacy invasion and unburdens our teachers from teaching to a test that has no validity or reliability but is proposed to be tied to teachers’ performance evaluations.


Will my school be punished?

To date, nationally, no school has been closed for parents refusing testing;  There is no desire for schools to be punished in any way, but parents have a foremost right to protect their children.


What will my child do while everyone else is testing?

Due to lack of computers and bandwidth, it is our understanding that not everyone will be testing at once, and that SBAC testing will likely take several hours per test.  It’s conceivable that students will be pulled from instruction to complete testing over a period of weeks.  It is your child’s right as a public school student to receive instruction daily.  It is the school’s responsibility to find something instructional for your child to do. Missouri schools should provide students who do not participate in the pilot testing with quality instruction.


Can my school report me to social services?

Missouri law regarding educational neglect language pertains to attendance (truancy) only.  So long as your child attends school on testing days, there are no grounds for educational neglect for refusing to participate in a test.


Can my school withhold my child’s grades if we refuse the SBACpilot tests?

The only rule that pertains to withholding a letter grade is the one that specifically addresses End of Course assessments.  The language does not define anything under SBAC or benchmark exams.  There is no ethical or professional justification for using pilot test scores as a component of student grades. Paper and pencil tests are a reasonable accommodation for students of parents concerned about breaches of privacy associated with online testing.


Why the urgency to opt-out or refuse? State and school administrators have no evidence that national standardized tests, such as these SBAC tests, will improve education for all students. Furthermore, online tests make participants vulnerable to violations of personal privacy. Field tests are created to determine which questions to use in future tests, and in essence place the students in a position of working for the corporations who develop the tests.  If parents refuse to allow their children to be used as unpaid participants in the development of tests, robbing students of precious instructional time, they will allow their publicly funded schools to re-establish local control in our children’s education.

Additional information and resources:

Because SBAC is funded by the federal government,it is subject to the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA).  See link:  Some parents have attempted to view the assessments and have been told they are not available for review.  You have a right to review materials and the assessments developed with federal funds if you suspect private information protected by PPRA is required to complete an item.


National Assessment for Education Progress(NAEP) can be used for schools who feel the need to administer a standardized test.  This test is one that states already participate in, that assesses each state and ranks them according to student achievement.

Missouri Coalition Against Common Core assumes no liability when parents choose to use this form.


You can find an online copy of this form at


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