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What holds true in Florida holds true in Missouri. The Missouri rebrand of Common Core Standards is still the same as Common Core State Standards.



A reader attempted to leave remarks on DESE’s survey about the Missouri Learning Standards aka Common Core State Standards and sent me this message.  It is reprinted with his permission:


In the survey, the document that comes up when selecting “Missouri Math Standards”  is entitled Common Core Standards. Does that mean we still have common core math?I tried to use the survey for comments but DESE has once again made the process so difficult it is almost impossible.
I tried to comment on mathematics. In order to do that one must pick a specific topic from a list of about 20. Then select a grade level to advance in the survey.

DESE must be declawed. It is absolutely appalling that they have so much power. HB1490 has very little to stop this Government take over and indoctrination of our children.
Capital Reports from Kurt Bahr and John Wieman indicate millions will be allocated to K12 and high education.  I asked them both where that money would go and as of yet no answer.
Why would more money be channeled to DESE if in fact that’s where it will go?
I wanted very much to be there tomorrow but several previous commitments make that impossible. I know you will put the results out for us to see.
Joe Tortorici
Joe is correct and based on his experience, I would say Missouri does have common core math.  When you click on the math standards, look what comes up….’Missouri Learning Standards’ and then an opportunity to read the ‘Missouri Learning’ standards at the link:
ccssi math survey monkey 1
Click on that link for ‘Missouri Learning Standards’ and what appears?
ccssi math survey monkey
Try it for yourself and see how ‘Missouri Learning Standards’ are really ‘Common Core State Standards for Mathematics’.  Then try it for ELA:
ccssi ela survey dese 1
Those ‘Missouri Learning Standards’ are the same as The Common Core State Standards in ELA as well:
ccssi ela survey dese
When we label Missouri Learning Standards as Common Core State Standards and contend they are just a rebrand of privately owned/copyrighted standards created by private non-governmental organizations, we are not wrong.  Try it for yourself and ask how bureaucrats can lie to your face when they tell you they are not using Common Core State Standards in Missouri public schools.  As HB1490 directs work group participants to write standards apart from Common Core State Standards, it will be interesting to see what DESE will link to in the future, or if these work groups just rebrand the CCSS standards with yet another name that leads to a CCSSI website when the ‘read about the standards’ link appears.

Gretchen Logue

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