President and First Lady Trump, your son is beautiful. No one has a right to spread stories about a child, in the media or elsewhere.  ALL children deserve privacy and all children deserve to be protected. Personal information about children should be under the control of the parent, but right now it’s not. You can fix this.

President Obama, without the consent of Congress, despite much oppositionchanged the law in 2011, allowing companies and people outside of the school to see and share and even market children’s data. We are not just talking about grades in Math or Reading, this FERPA change allows sharing of personal information and can include mental health and medical information stored in a student’s education record, because HIPPA privacy doesn’t apply to schools.  Answers to surveys about the child and his home life, how fast he clicks his computer mouse, a child’s disability status,  his religion, his emotional state can all be analyzed, predicted, and shared outside of the school, in the name of research and vague “educational purpose”–without parent consent.  Often times parents are not aware of the data being collected, aren’t told how the data are being used, and cannot opt out.

President and Mrs. Trump, your son deserves privacy but so do other children.

Europe believes in privacy; they passed a very strong privacy law for all Europeans. India’s Supreme Court just proclaimed that privacy is a basic human right. Why is the United States so far behind?

President Trump, will you respect parental rights, children’s privacy, uphold the constitution and repeal President Obama’s 2011 change to FERPA law?

Restoring 2010 FERPA law would still allow schools to collect necessary data, and schools would obtain parent consent before sharing personal information about a child outside of the school system.

Mr. President, please help. You can protect all American school children with this one change. 


Cheri Kiesecker

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