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Helplessness: That’s the place where many Missouri parents (and in other states) find themselves when they refuse the Common Core assessments for their children.  District officials toss around ‘the law’ directing their children to take the tests even where there is no such law.   They are told that if their children do not take the tests they must ‘sit and stare’ and not cause disruption to the others.  To these districts, there is no parental authority higher than the state’s.  This isn’t reality.  Parents, however, are worried they will be in trouble with the administrators who are worried they will be in trouble with the state agency who are worried they will be in trouble with the USDOEd.

The ‘reality’ that parents are facing is a reality of mandates creating testing mania that at least in Missouri, is only existing for product development, not accountability measures for either teachers or students.  The assessments aren’t validated and don’t follow state statute on who is to write them.  The legal authority on taking the test (there is none) is quite different from the district’s and state’s implied authority to force children to take the test.  The district and the state tell parents, in effect, that state statute means little to nothing and that they (the parents) must follow the ‘Simon Says’ version of Common Core law.  You see what happens when actual reality is ignored: terrible things happen.  Parental authority is usurped by governmental bureaucrats on the district, state and federal levels.

The above graphic comes from Robin of Berkeley’s We Are Helpless.  She writes about the horrific crime in Berkeley happening frequently with little to no outrage from the citizenry.  Why does this silence occur?  She writes:


So why, then, can people not see what is going on before there eyes? Given that a local, beloved, gardener at the Zen Center can’t walk to her car after a wedding without being bludgeoned to death, why do people not see the danger to them and their loved ones?

I imagine much of the denial is the massive social programming that has been inflicted around here since the l960s. We have a well-trained populace of aging Baby Boomers, their offspring, and even the next, groomed generation, all who have been thoroughly trained in “tolerance.” Tolerance around here means putting up with the most antisocial behavior — street swindlers, illegal aliens selling strawberries in your front yard (3), crime to you and your children — all in the service of being nice and tolerant.

Put bluntly: people are terrified about actually stating the obvious for fear of being called racist. Therefore, no one asks legitimate and reasonable questions.


Let’s reframe the argument back to the Common Core refusal movement.  Why are parents so afraid of their administrators?  Aren’t the administrators supposed to be working for their community and taxpayers?  Do bureaucrats supersede parental authority?  Are parents so afraid of being ostracized by other parents for ‘not playing nice’ that they put their children’s needs second for their acceptance into the PTA or whatever parent/social group exists in school?  We have been trained in ‘tolerance’ and ‘playing nice’.  We can now see the fruits of this behavior when parents assert their authority in a supposed ‘locally controlled school district’.  Parents are putting up with threats that have no legal basis.  Your elected and alleged voice in district matters, school board members, are trained by the Missouri State Board Association to go along with the herd mentality and protect the state educational agency.  Is that why school administrators defend testing edicts that have no statutory authority and aren’t even valid?


No one will say a word. It’s almost as though people would rather die than be politically incorrect.


What happens if you stay in the helplessness mode?  And why are adults told they are helpless in educational matters by governmental bureaucrats?  What does it mean when the rule of law means little to nothing?  Can you entertain the same conspiracy theory as this woman does to explain the helplessness in Berkeley?  Is it happening in education via Common Core and other educational reform?


My friend, the conspiracy theorist, thinks that all of this insanity is being manipulated from beyond. She thinks that Berkeley is a massive, social experiment in cultural conditioning and programming. She thinks “they” are trying to prove how a populace can be controlled to forego their own safety, and that of their loved ones… and that this is being done in preparation of the same twisted social experiment being perpetuated on the rest of the population.

Whether this is true or not, I don’t know. I haven’t a clue whether the madness of Berkeley is spontaneous or by design. Perhaps there are people “out there” studying us, like rats in a cage. Or maybe Berkeley is simply the inevitable consequences of pure, unfettered liberalism.

No wonder that the adage says, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” But the unique absurdity of Berkeley is that the residents around here (unlike those in other crime ravaged cities, such as, Newark and Detroit), think that they are in living in paradise.


What is educational living in paradise?  Parents are assured by NGOs and The Chamber of Commerce that it is Common Core to train students to be global workers.  Unlike Berkeley residents, parents opposed to a ‘one size fits all’ know that this is not paradise and that it is not a educational land in which to live.  These parents know that they do not want to be part of a populace that is controlled by a centralized agency and NGOs.   The unique absurdity of the Common Core is that bureaucrats and non-governmental organizations are trying to force you to have your child live there.  Don’t be helpless.  Refuse the test.




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