BigMedia and BigData lost their bets when Donald J. Trump was elected the next President of the United States.  Our nation surprised and divided, bloggers wrote So now what? and What happens to education?

The last few days have seen a flurry of announcements concerning who President Elect Trump might appoint as Secretary of Education. Truth in American Education  wrote about Trump’s short list, which sources say, includes Pro-Common Core folks like Eva Moskowitz , who co-founded her Success Academy School with Common Core friendly (DFER) Democrats For Education Reform board member, John Petry. Trump’s list also names Michelle Rhee as a potential candidate for USDoE Secretary.  Rhee has definitely promoted Common Core and was less than transparent when reporting Common Core test scores.  President Elect Trump’s education list also names Common Core supporter Robert Pondiscio of Fordham Institute, who not only props up Common Core and aligned tests, but also labels parents as misinformed.  Gerard Robinson of Jeb’s Digital Education Now! is also in the running, and would be a double whammy of Pro-Common Core and edtech student datamining.  We all know that during the election, Trump promised to get rid of Common Core. Some of the names on his education short list concern grassroots parents, teachers, education experts and leave them hoping that President Elect Trump sticks to his word and doesn’t give into Corporate cronyism, edtech special interests, and Pro-Common Core reform groups.

In fact, a petition was started today, asking Trump for integrity.

We hope you will sign-on in asking President Elect Trump for integrity and to keep his promise. As the petition states,

“We adamantly oppose any nomination for U.S. education secretary who has either openly supported or passively assisted Common Core by enabling education centralization, which includes most of the education establishment on the Right and Left. Such a pick would contradict your campaign promises.”

Whether you voted for him or not, Trump is the next President. Let’s hope he reads this petition and let’s hope he will choose a Secretary and education cabinet members who oppose Common Core and all of its inherent data collection. We also hope President Trump will return parental consent when sharing children’s information outside of schools.  


Read it in full, share and sign the petition.

You can also contact the President Elect on twitter: @realdonaldtrump

Tell President Elect Trump to keep his word: give education, not just back to the states, give education back to the parents and their schools.

#NoCommonCore   #integrity4ed




Cheri Kiesecker

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