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Tell the Missouri State Board of Education it’s time to push ESEA Humpty Dumpty off the wall.  Tell the State Board: no CCSS, no federal VAM, student data must be protected



We need to make our voices heard at the State Board of Education meeting Monday April 20 at 11:00 AM as reports on HB1490 are delivered in a public hearing.   The Missouri Coalition Against Common Core has developed a petition detailing its concerns with the standards, federal accountability measures which are opposed to Missouri’s overwhelming vote against such measures and data mining/privacy of student personally identifiable information.  We will deliver this ipetition to State Board members at this meeting. Please read and sign our petition which states:

  • We don’t want Common Core Standards
  • We want them to withdraw the state’s application for an NCLB waiver in which DESE promised to use VAM for teacher evaluations which was rejected by over 70% of the voters on Amendment 3
  • We want them to take seriously the risk to our student’s personal information being breached via the on-line assessments the state is currently forcing all children to take

You may find the petition here:


(Note that it is not necessary to make a donation to after signing for your signature to appear)

Here is information if you can attend on Monday:


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