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I received a copy of a survey purported to be copyrighted from Pearson.  A quick search authenticated that it did come from Pearson and has been used at least in one school district in New Jersey (click on the link for a larger version of the survey):

pearson how to help those in need

Ask your children if they have completed such a survey in their classroom.  As it is probably completed online, the parents are not aware of such surveys given to their children.

Do you note anything amiss in some of these questions?  For example, shouldn’t question (6) be asked in this manner:

Should Social Security be paid to everyone (provided they paid into the system) who is retired?

Is the underlying assumption in the original question that everyone is automatically entitled to Social Security?

Look at question 9.  If a student answers “yes”, does that mean the government can/should regulate more private corporations to help people in need?  Look at question 10.  Why should we want government to fund private programs?  That’s why private programs generally are private.  They are free from governmental regulations and mandates.

What are your thoughts on this survey?


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