critchlow 1Fox C-6 citizens were outraged when it was revealed Superintendent Dianne Critchlow, her husband and two other administrators were responsible for posting anonymous comments on an online community forum disparaging parents questioning practices of the district.  The primary perpetrators, the superintendent and her husband, are no longer employed by the district.  (It should be noted that at the time of her retirement, she was the highest paid superintendent in Missouri at approximately $260,000).

Critchlow had previously been involved in nepotism charges and the investigation of that story caused the police to ask the reporter to leave the school building:

Investigator Elliott Davis went to question her in the wake of an uproar at the District over the hiring of the School Board President’s Daughter in Law to a High Paying District job, even though she only had a High School Diploma and managed a fast food restaurant.

Our Investigation at the Fox District led to a startling discovery at most of the other St. Louis area school districts; almost all of them have a Nepotism policy that makes it easy to hire relatives of school board members and top administrators.

But I did discovered one area school district that’s going against the grain.

The Mehlville School District has a policy that gets tough on Nepotism, it’s school Board President says he wants to be as transparent as possible.

My confrontation at Fox ended when an Arnold Police Officer told me the superintendent wanted me to leave the building.


This superintendent’s professional judgment was ultimately found to be lacking as she didn’t follow board policies and bullied parents via anonymous internet postings.  She was relieved of her job duties at the school district and allowed to resign.  But apparently such unprofessional and unethical behavior doesn’t exclude a disgraced employee from obtaining employment from Pearson.  From Disgraced Former Fox Superintendent Hired by Pearson Education:

critchlow and DESE

The MAP testing is Common Core testing.  This former superintendent has been hired by Pearson and allowed school access by DESE to determine that protocol is followed.  Oh, the irony:  this former superintendent has returned to her former district (in which she practiced nepotism, misuse of district credit card, cyberbullied parents) to determine due diligence.  Pearson is a private business and doesn’t face any accountability to taxpayers for its hiring decisions.  DESE, on the other hand, should hear from citizens on its decision to allow Critchlow to oversee Common Core testing procedures.

Why are bullies allowed around children again?  If she bullied parents and taxpayers, think of how she might treat administrators during Common Core testing time.  It’s just another story in a bizarre chapter in the book known as Common Core which has been written by private companies and used in your school district.  Try to pull this book and see how far you get.

This story illustrates the inherent danger of turning over public education to private entities.  It was difficult enough for this district to rid itself of this superintendent who made horrible decisions and cost the district thousands of dollars.  Some taxpayers were outraged that she was allowed to resign rather than be fired.  However, the citizens thought they were rid of Critchlow.  Imagine their shock (and perhaps teachers/administrators were shocked as well) when she appeared as a Pearson/DESE representative in a Fox C-6 school building.  It is practically impossible to demand a private company not hire such an individual.  Welcome to the private ownership of public education.


Updated: It should be corrected that Critchlow’s Pearson’s assignment was in a school outside of the Fox District.  She was also the fourth highest paid superintendent in Missouri at the time of her retirement.


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