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Why assessments can be outsourced: Local knowledge is not common knowledge. When assessments must be aligned to the common, the individual needs of the students are non-existent.


Maybe it’s time to go to your school board members and ask if there can be a reduction in administrative staff in your district.  Many Missouri school districts are asking for more money for staff, but this company, Measured Progress, will outsource the creation of district assessments (to align with the Common Core State Standards) so what’s not to love?  Those bond issues may not be necessary at all if the district can rid itself of redundancy and unneeded administrative layers.  This slide illustrates the upside of cutting local jobs:


cutting cost outsource

Think of the first cuts in administrative positions as curriculum/assessment directors are not needed and your school can join the thousands of schools with private NGO created assessments aligning to the CCSS.  Once the assessments are set, it will be a no brainer for a company such as Measured Progress to inform the district what curriculum would best align to Measured Progress’ assessments.  Another district position, curriculum director, can then be eliminated.

Take this to your school board and urge it to use a private company to provide the services previously supplied by district employees.  If all the assessments need to line up to Common Core (as Bill Gates said was necessary to determine if the experiment worked), you might as well cut out the local administrators whose educational expertise were designing assessments and determining curriculum choices to meet the needs of that individual district and group of students.  Gates’ vision will be close to completion.  The customer market will be unleashed for that large uniform base of products.  The word common is not the same as individual.  Developing curriculum and assessments unique is so unnecessary in the ‘common’ ed reform plan.  Outsourcing for a common goal and objective is the end game, not providing an exceptional education for students.

Isn’t it great to be common?  Just think of the cuts possible in the future when teachers can be replaced by individuals who don’t have an education degree or experience.  It won’t be needed when all the lessons are created by private companies that are aligned to CCSS.  Following a script wouldn’t necessitate a college degree.  All you have to do is follow the recipe.  Maybe the unions and NGOs might want to reconsider their support of jumping into the CCSSI boat.  It will make their members’ profession obsolete.

From Measured Progress:


measured progress


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The Slideshare presentation graphics from Outsourcing: It’s Impact on Graduating Seniors may be found here.


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