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People of all political persuasions should be concerned about oligarchy present in America today.


The primary opposition against Common Core should be the circumvention of the political process and the silencing of representative voices.  It sets up an oligarchy ruled by NGOs and abetted by politicians who enact mandates/laws such as ESSA.  States have a vast amount of unfunded mandates even as they face the reality of shrinking revenues for budgets.  The NGO/Federal Government response is….too bad.  Just do it.

The chatter on show me a standard you don’t like is a diversion from the fundamental fact that the CCSSI sets up an oligarchy outside of government and is immune to accountability.  Here is a video explaining the five forms of government.  Pay attention to the definition of the oligarchs/oligarchy:

Oligarchy which is ruled by a group is the most common form of government in all history and is the most common form of government today.  Most of the nations of the world today are ruled by a powerful few and therefore oligarchy remains…(beginning at 2:29)



Oligarch control is not only in full throttle in education reform, it was on full display at the Democrat National Convention.  Regardless of your political persuasion and beliefs, the suppression of elected delegate voices should cause concern.  These stories are examples of oligarchy in action and not representative governing.  Think of it as a playbook.  The DNC and media organizations are private organizations but these silencing techniques are present in many areas of our governmental agencies and policies:



fake unity


Find the video here.  She explains how Bernie Sanders supporters’ seats were taken, marked ‘reserved’, and actors allegedly hired at $50.00 a day were directed to those seats.  The claim of hired actors cannot be verified, however, seats now marked ‘reserved’ and credentialed delegates not being able to enter the arena in a timely manner should raise questions to DNC intent and actions.   She also documents a newly installed white noise device located near the California delegation to drown out any loud protests.



Media oligarchs only report what they want you to know.  This is how propaganda is created.  Thanks to Mike Cervonich for covering what most of the MSM won’t report:



Here is an article about DNC delegate walkout that you didn’t see on MSM (video embedded in article).  From #DNCWalkout – Over Half the DNC Audience Marched Out on Hillary (VIDEO)

dem exit



Oligarchs in NGOs (whether they be in CCSSO, NGA, media, political parties) dictate policy and maintain control through elected officials.  The circumvention of the process, the intentional suppression of reality and insistence on ultimate power over dissenters is rampant in our political arena today, whether it is in education reform or a political convention.  The shift of our government to a NGO public/private oligarchy is affecting all Americans, regardless of their political beliefs, and should be the fundamental concern of all Americans.



You can read more on educational oligarchic structure here:




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