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The NY Daily News has an op-ed that will knock your socks off for its insight into what John King’s appointment to the Department of Education means.  (That’s irony).  From King’s last laugh as America’s education chief stands tall for high standards:


To all of you anti-Common-Core, anti-testing, anti-charter-school whiners, who are a-okay with the subpar education to which millions of American kids are still subjected in public schools on which we, as a nation, annually invest more than $600 billion:

President Obama just named the architect of New York’s Common Core revolution, former New York State Education Commissioner John King — a former charter school executive — as the new secretary of education.

Nyah, nyah.


The elite believe the Federal Department of Education and the NGOs have all the answers to educational woes, can supply all the answers, and we will all be in educational nirvana if *only* we would accept the centralized one-size-fits-all for our common human capital.  We (the ones who pay the taxes and supply the children for this ed reform) are whiners who don’t know how best to spend $600 billion: we are being told to *trust* the bureaucrats for unvalidated educational standards and assessments that circumvented political process.

Parents, are you are at that tipping point?  Tired of being insulted, marginalized, ridiculed, and your child being seen as human capital for the workforce?  Time to crash they system, walk away and save your child.

Nyah, nyah to the bullies.


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