The MEW January 1, 2015 article recently appeared in Facebook memories.  You can find it here.  It might as well have been written for a New Year’s greeting to the educational elites in 2017 as it dealt with the CCSS architects defending the failing standards in a National Public Radio interview:

“The creation of the standards is enshrouded in mystery for people,” Zimba says. “I wish people understood what a massive process it was, and how many people were involved. It was a lot of work.”
As much as supporters emphasize the democratic origin of the standards and count out the dozens of experts and teachers who were consulted,
“We needed individuals that would know the mathematics — Jason and the other writers obviously know the mathematics — but would also be able to work with the states, and a bunch of teachers who would be involved.” (Minnich)
During the course of the next year, they consulted with state officials, mathematicians and teachers, including a union group. Draft after draft was passed back and forth over email.
The statements are reminiscent of the current administration’s pronouncements of ‘it’s really hard work’ when asked about policy conundrums and skirting the real concerns of citizens on political issues.  Press conferences were not so much about answering direct questions, they were mainly lessons on how to redirect questions to get to the answer the speaker wanted to relay.  It’s employed quite well with the CCSS proponents and an example of this obfuscation was what was not included in the NPR piece: the facts.
  • these architects were not hired by state educational agencies
  • who hired them to write the standards has never been revealed
  • tax dollars were used to implement these standards by private individuals with no accountability via procedures in direct violation of many state constitutions (including Missouri) on how standards are to be written and adopted

Is the manner in which the standards were adopted and the PR necessary to ‘sell the public’ on Common Core an example of ‘fake news’?  The proponents still are not forthcoming on who paid for the writing of the standards, the individuals involved, and there is no research/data available in 2009 to prove their claims.  Eight years later, we are ringing in a new year with the same educational problems and questions.  We still don’t have the answers to who is behind this nationalization of education and just how non-governmental organizations can dictate public education with zero accountability to the taxpayers.

Until school districts are bankrupted from CCSS mandates which have been practically cemented into publicly funded schools by The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), schools will continue to use CCSS aligned curriculum and assessments.  School boards will increase their requests for bond issues and tax increases and inform taxpayers that more teachers and administrators are needed for students to attain a ‘great education’.  What many of them won’t tell you is exactly why that ‘great education’ is costing so much.  It’s because of the increased infrastructure for the increased technology mandated by CCSS/ESSA and the increased federal reporting and hoops states must jump through to be granted Federal approval for their educational plans.  Research if your state is using regional centers to ‘assist’ districts to align to the NGO centralized plan of education policy/delivery.

Get ready for more fake glowing CCSS reports: equity is created and assessment scores rise (even as they are from unvalidated tests).  Technology makes smarter students, all kids need their own iPads to globally compete and more guidance counselors/social workers are sorely needed as students become more emotionally detached from each other as their dependence on the ‘needed’ technology is utilized.  It’s a vicious circle.

The circle doesn’t seem to be acknowledged by many districts.  Attending a district meeting designed to convince Kirkwood School taxpayers to vote for an increase in their taxes (it failed), during a technology meeting, I heard administrators speak highly of the increased technology necessary for the students.  Many of the parents in the audience seemed unconvinced and relayed concerns that their students were not only on computers/hand held devices for much of the day in school, but the parents were also unhappy on the time necessary on the computer while at home.  In the session I attended, there was no answer forthcoming to those parental concerns. School district are conducting informational (PR) meetings, inform you on what they need, and you are invited to attend and express your concerns and opinions.  Opinions and frustrations are noted but what you shouldn’t expect is a deviation from the centralized plan determined by the State Board which has been determined by the NGOs and the USDOEd.

What’s the best educational advice for 2017?  How can a parent/taxpayer fight against the fake news of CCSS and its resulting financial burden?  Do your own research and insist that your district use an open checkbook (as do 100% of Alabama schools use) to validate its spending.  It’s your tax dollars and you deserve to know how/why your money is being spent.  If you keep your child in public school, it is your duty as a parent to teach your child your family’s values and examine your school’s social emotional curriculum.  If it conflicts from your beliefs, it is up to you as your child’s advocate to discuss this with the school and/or take your child out of the public educational system.  Request to review your child’s academic curriculum as well and ask to receive a copy of any tests and surveys your child takes during the school day.  Ask what data is being mined on your child, to whom it is going and for what purpose.

In 2017 we’ll be discussing more in detail the problem with the data mining continuing on with students without your permission.  We will examining the increased use in classroom of virtual reality and why you would be wise to ask many questions of your district before allowing your child to participate in pretend reality.  We will provide scientific studies stating the more and more detached students become from actual reality, it becomes more difficult for students to determine what is actual reality vs virtual reality.  Does the so-called ‘critical thinking’ CCSS purports to deliver via virtual reality then become yet another fake news selling point?  The fight against the centralization is so much more than just the standards and assessments.  It’s the lying and distortion and the belief that the Federal Government/NGOs should direct education.  It’s the systematic destruction of individuality and the lie that commonness is our new god.  It’s the push back from the educational elites that you, as a parent, are incapable of determining what is best for your child.

Fake news: let’s dismantle it for the survival of our children.  Educate yourself and your children to recognize it, rage against it and refuse to be part of the dishonesty.  Equip your children to be able to recognize truth from spin.





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