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Check out Homeschool Snark Shark if you are homeschooling or thinking about it.  If you are a parent contemplating making the change from a Common Core public school to an education based on your child’s individual strengths and weaknesses, this is a site where you can find support and ideas.  Why would you want to subject your child to a common plan of education  when you know, as a parent, that there is no such person as a  ‘common’ child?  Why would you want to subject your child to a data pipeline tracking him/her from cradle to grave as human capital for the workforce?

Parents, homeschooling is one of your lifeboats to escape this nightmare of current education reform.  If enough parents would sail away from the Federally funded regional centers, state educational agencies and public schools enacting the Common Core State Standards Initiative through the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund:


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the public system as presently structured would collapse and the ability would exist to be rebuilt on a state level (not via a Federal Initiative) where it constitutionally should be directed/developed.  Public schooling is important but it is presently so egregious that it must be reclaimed  by states and local communities.  Parents nationwide have been working to eradicate the CCSSI and legislation has been written in various states to accomplish this goal.  As we have discovered in Missouri, however, legislation means little to entrenched bureaucrats who are determined to keep the Initiative in place.  An exodus from the system (barring any miracle that politicians would adhere to the law and determine the Federal Government has no role in setting these mandates) may be one of the few lifeboats available to parents while remaking public education.

An excerpt of the book, The Takeover of Public Education in America: The Agenda to Control Information and Knowledge Through the Accountability System illustrates the importance to bureaucrats to retain the federally mandated agenda.  The NCLB accountability system continues via illegal waivers issued by Arne Duncan:


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Educated parents know that this statement is true: It was designed to bring schools to failure so panic would break out across the educational landscape and acceptance would be given to a new brand of education that finally delivered total federal control over the states’ jurisdiction of public education.  A question to the NCLB/CCSSI supporters and bureaucrats:  What autonomous educational control do states and local districts have in NCLB/CCSSI? Please provide this information.  We are still waiting to figure out how Presidential contenders Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, John Kasich, and Mike Huckabee contend that states need high standards but they don’t delineate just who and what entity should have this appointed power.  It’s spelled out in state constitutions but who pays attention to those pieces of paper any more?  These candidates don’t as they all support CCSSI.  And please raise your hand if you think a Washington DC agency and NGO can efficiently direct/develop programs for local school districts and deliver a better education than the teachers who are actually in the classroom with the children.

Parents, if you want to take proactive action for your child while still fighting against CCSSI, take your child out of the system that considers him/her as human capital and creates a dossier on your child which follows him/her cradle to grave.  Instead of trusting your child to bureaucrats who are focused on the goal to accomplish NGO/USDOEd set accountability measures, take the responsibility to provide an education that is developmentally appropriate for your child.  Find resources and trust yourself.


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Utilize your freedom to educate your child and don’t buy into the Chamber of Commerce, CCSSO, NGA, USDOEd, Achieve, Bill Gates Foundation, etc schtick.  For more information on the realities of home schooling, find The Homeschool Snark Shark on Facebook here.  It’s a lifeboat in the sea of mediocrity of what passes as public education today. Educational Mediocrity and Accountability to the Federal Government: That’s the plan for public education via NCLB/CCSSI.  But that’s not your plan for your child so take action.  Keep fighting to reclaim public education for states and local districts but throw your child a lifeline in the meantime.


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