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Find out what is happening in HB1490 work groups. Bring your camera. Tell the truth.


A citizen journalist video taped one of the work groups gathered last week in Jefferson City to write Missouri standards, rather than adopting the privately non-governmental organizations’ written Common Core State Standards that have no accountability to the legislature and taxpayers.  Concerned Women of America owns the right to the video:


As you can see from the short clip, it was an extraordinary meeting and contained many aspects of a Delphi meeting. Note to the media: Many of the groups are meeting again this week on Thursday, October 2 and Friday, October 3. The public is invited to attend any meeting and video recordings are allowed.  Math and ELA workgroups are in the Jefferson Building where DESE’s offices are located.

List of meetings:

  • Math 6-12 math meets Thursday 9-4 Friday 8-3 Harry S. Truman State Office Building – Room 850  301 High Street
  • K-5 Math is meeting on Thursday from 12-5:30 and Friday from 8-4. Jefferson Building 6th floor large conference room.
  • ELA K-5 Friday 9am  Jefferson Building First Floor
  • ELA 6-12 meets in the 5th floor main conference room 10 am Thursday and 8 am on Friday
  • Science 6-12  meeting in the Truman Building Rm. 400 on both Thursday and Friday at the same times as last week… 9-4 on Thursday and 8-3 on Friday.  Hoping to be able to arrange a meeting with the Elementary Science group and if that comes together then I don’t know where that would take place.
  • K-5 Science    Thurs and Fri   Oct 2-3    9am-4pm  and 8am-3pm Truman Building


Published on September 30, 2014


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