Nevada activists report the  State Department of Education is not happy with the recent appearance of Drs. James Milgram and Sandra Stotsky debating Common Core Standards.  Here’s a recap of the firestorm and misinformation emanating from the State Superintendent beginning with the announcement of the meeting:

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The first symposium started out with the NDE changing the speakers and demanding others be allowed to speak which was not originally agreed upon by the parties.  This was not approved by the rest of the panel and that’s where the story becomes less about the validity of the standards and more about spinning the facts of the debate agreement.  The Superintendent issued a press release stating the symposium was unfair, even though the NDE wanted to change the agreed upon debate procedures:

Statement From Superintendent Erquiaga Regarding the Symposium on Common Core
For Immediate Release
Wednesday, January 14, 2015
Carson City, Nevada – State Superintendent of Public Instruction Dale Erquiaga today issued the following statement regarding the Nevada Department of Education’s participation in the Symposium on Common Core in Fallon:
“The Nevada Department of Education was invited by the Citizens for Sound Academic Standards to participate in a forum they organized in Carson City to discuss the Nevada Academic Content Standards based on Common Core. The organizers invited two professors from out-of-state to participate in the forum. As with all requests to engage in a discussion about Nevada standards, my staff invited Nevada teachers to participate in this discussion. I consider our educators to be the most credible and knowledgeable speakers about Nevada’s standards. This fact was communicated to the organizers and to the legislator who reserved the room in Carson City. When my staff arrived at the forum last night, they were abruptly notified that the Department’s teacher presenters, including an associate superintendent and educators from the Carson City School District, would not be allowed to speak at the forum. Attempts by my staff to provide teachers a voice in the conversation about their standards were met with a disrespectful, if not aggressive, response. Worse, one of the organizers physically removed a Nevada educator invited to speak on behalf of the Department; that educator filed assault charges with Legislative Police earlier today.
This is not the Nevada way of engaging in public discourse. I am compelled to denounce the Citizens for Sound Academic Standards and the visiting professors for silencing Nevada teachers to speak at a public forum and for resorting to intimidation tactics before and during the meeting to silence teacher voices. There is room for differences of opinion on this topic, but I cannot support participation in a forum that incites bullying and censorship. Department staff will not participate in the Symposium on Common Core scheduled to occur in Fallon tonight, or any other event involving these organizers and their out-of-state professors. Furthermore, I expect these individuals to apologize to Nevada educators.”