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Is Jonah Goldman talking about this Bill Gates?

  • who has funneled over $200 Million to special interest groups to take over public education?
  • who has said it will take 10 years to determine if his educational reforms will work?
  • who  stated that the Common Core standards will be successful only when the  curriculum and tests are aligned to the standards and these standards will unleash a powerful market consisting of a large uniform customer base?
  • whose children are not in public school and not subjected to the same standards as the ‘common’ children?

Many of the parents of these ‘common’ children subjected to the standards written by non-governmental organizations with no public accountability might have an issue with Mr. Goldman’s pronunciation of Bill Gates providing the ‘kind of change’ Mr. Goldman envisions.  If Gates’ unique vision is allowed to become reality, Goldman’s children, Desmond and Fiona, will find themselves proud of living in an oligarchy, due to Gates’ commitment, resources and sense of obligation to destroy any semblance of a representative republic.

I wonder if Mr. Goldman’s children will always find themselves in the elite class and being able to control their own futures.  It’s sort of, well, crowded down here in the ‘common’ section of life and the subjects subjected to Gates’ edicts are increasingly unhappy with the control of the oligarchs over (supposedly) ‘public’ educational systems.  The idol worship of Bill Gates by the protected class does not trickle down to the ‘common’ class.  There is little for the ‘common’ man to cheer about in Common Core State Standards Initiative.  No bureaucrat or elite asked them their opinion and frankly, the commoners are just in the way of the plans made for them by the elites.  The common man needs to learn he is nothing more than human capital to be tracked for the good of the workforce.

Gates’ vision is not to empower the common man.  It’s to allow the elitists to control the market share of education in which the common man has no voice.  That’s his ‘inspiring sense of obligation’ to humanity.  This fawning over Bill Gates is just another failed PR attempt in rebranding an oligarch who is using your tax dollars and children to accomplish his goals.

Published October 11, 2014


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