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Fordham witness needs to be reminded by Missouri Senator how much Gates Foundation gave Fordham for its Common Core support.


The Missouri Torch provides video of Michael Brickman’s testimony in Missouri yesterday in support of Common Core.  Bless Mr. Brickman’s heart, he cares so much about us in Missouri, he came to testify to help us save Common Core standards so we won’t have the worst educational results in the United States:

Sen. Brian Nieves will be missed in the Senate. This pit bull couldn’t understand why Michael Brickman would get on a plane and fly from Washington, DC to Jefferson City, Missouri to testify in favor of Common Core.

“Who’s paying you to be here?” Nieves asked.

Brickman responded his employer, the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, was paying.

“I’m not sure why I quite understand why a person gets on an airplane in Washington, DC to come to Missouri to advocate on behalf of these standards. I’m not fully clear on that,” Nieves told Brickman.

When pressed, Brickman said, “Because I’m concerned that Missouri will have the worst standards in the country.”

Brickman hedged on how much, if any, Bill Gates Foundation had given Fordham to support the standards.  It’s fortunate that Senator Lamping had provided the Senate committee a chart from honestpracticum.com showing how the Gates Foundation has paid Fordham $2 Million for Common Core State Standards c.2010.  The Gates Foundation has paid out at least $282 Million to influence organizations to support the standards.

Here’s information on Mr. Brickman’s opinion of Common Core opponents.  From Cato.org:

In the face of powerful and growing grassroots concern, there is a major effort underway to paint Core opposition as grounded in “misinformation” and plain old craziness. For instance, former governor Jeb Bush, arguably the Core’s greatest champion, has repeatedly questioned the motives and knowledge of Core opponents. Recently, he accused them of employing conspiracy theories, and several months ago he berated the Republican National Committee for voting to condemn the Core “based on no information.”

Mr. Bush is not alone. In a recent oped, Michael J. Petrilli and Michael Brickman of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute characterized Core opponents as a “small but vocal minority of conservatives” coupled with a bit of “the far left.” In other words: scary fringe types.

Mr. Brickman might want to rethink just how “small” those opponents really are.  In yesterday’s hearing, the opponents to Common Core State Standards c.2010 filled 90% of the seats and the proponents were forced to stand or watch the hearing in the overflow area in the hallway:

jeff city 1


 jeff city 3


Commissioner Chris Nicastro did not arrive in time to secure a seat in the hearing room.

 nicastro in the hall


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