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Attention teachers and school personnel – Representative Don Rone wants to hear about problems you are having with the SBAC test: system crashes, login failures, lack of computers, trouble with on screen tools, effects on other school functions because of testing (e.g. library closed for 4 weeks) etc. His contact information is 573-751-4085.

If you would prefer to remain anonymous you can email and your information will be passed on.

Here is one teacher’s letter that will be sent to Representative Rone:


Since when is it ok for teachers to discuss declining home property values with kids?  This is exactly what happened in my child’s school on Wednesday! My child came home from school and explained that the entire class had to listen to a lecture about property taxes and home values! They were told that if they didn’t try hard and do a good job on this year’s SBAC/MAP tests, their parents wouldn’t be able to sell their home and the district would have a bad rating causing home values in the Wentzville School District to plummet!!! I am absolutely furious about this! The middle school teacher took valuable class time to lecture the kids about this!

 Other teachers in that same building are telling 8th grade students that if they don’t do a good job, this will look bad on their college applications!  I am utterly at a loss for words over the audacity and desperate nature from these teachers! I have a news flash for those teachers and administrators across the state:  Per HB 1490, this year’s SBAC/MAP testing CAN’T be used for district accreditation or teacher evaluations!  My guess is that the district failed to tell the teachers this all important bit of information! Stop using class time to threaten my children!  Those teachers are blatantly lying to their students! Were those teachers told by the district to put that kind of pressure on the students, or did they take it upon themselves to put undue pressure on the kids? I guess their behavior really shouldn’t shock me! After all, the teachers’ union in Wentzville just endorsed and help elect a convicted felon to the school board!  This should be a wake up call to ALL parents across the state!

I wonder how many kids even thought this was wrong?  How many would know that a teacher should not abuse their power as an authority figure in this way?  How many students would actually come home and tell their parents about the lecture?  I understand the value in reminding a student to do their best on a test, but to lie to kids and put that kind of pressure on them is simply and irresponsible abuse of power that needs to stop!  I blame DESE 100% as well as other organizations across the state for continuing to act as if this year is simply “testing as usual”. They have failed to get the message out that this is a PILOT year and districts have in turn failed to convey this message to their teachers and parents.  In fact, the pressure of this year’s tests has increased tremendously due to the nature of the online format and the developmentally  inappropriate question types!  As a parent and teacher, I beg our Missouri legislators to help get the word out about HB 1490 since the education establishment in our state has FAILED to communicate this to the parents and districts!

I respectfully request that everyone who is concerned about education, show up to the State Board of Education public hearing on April 20th at 11 am. to have your voice heard!  Unless we the people show up in masses, they will simply dismiss our concerns and they have continually done in the past. Please, now is the time to tell the state board of education to stop abusing our kids!



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