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Standing alone is also better than allowing your child to be used by NGOs to perpetuate a system that does not acknowledge parental rights.


We are receiving many emails and phone calls from concerned parents about their rights to refuse the SBAC tests for their children.  Some districts are informing parents they have no legal right to tell the school district their children will not be taking these unvalidated assessments.

We are requesting that if you are a parent and interested in refusing the test for your child, send your

  • name
  • school district
  • email address

to and we will compile a list of interested parents interested in the Refuse the Test movement.   We are updating the ‘refuse the test’ form to deliver to your district and will email this to you when finished.  We will be contacting legislators (and urge you contact your representatives and senators as well) about the districts not acknowledging the parental authority to make decisions for their children and  districts increasingly assuming the ‘guardian ad litem’ role in your children’s lives.

Read what is happening in New Jersey when parents ‘refused the test’.  The Commissioner has informed districts that students will not be forced to ‘sit and stare’ this year when their parents refuse the test.  Parents in Missouri need to demand schools uphold parental rights, and as in New Jersey, alternate educational material be provided for those students refusing the test:

Here is another post about parental authority and refusing the test:

So to sum up: NO, we can’t force students to take tests. YES, NJ districts have the autonomy and authority to accommodate refusals without imposing punitive measures. And YES, “non-testing students” must be placed in alternative settings–both to preserve the integrity of testing environments and the well-being of all children in the school.


New Jersey is a PARRC state; Missouri is a SBAC state.  Missouri parents, write the state SBAC contacts and ask them about the policy SBAC has for refusal of the test. Let us know at the response.  Contact information for Missouri:

sbac contact

 The Missouri School Board Association has developed policy mandating test participation that many individual districts have adopted.  The MSBA is a private non-governmental organization supported by your tax dollars.  The mission of the MSBA is not for the rights of the parents or children.  The mission of the MSBA in its own words from a legal brief:

msba intent



If you would like to the write the MSBA to inform its policy is superseding parental authority via school board policies, you can contact the organization here:  MSBA is an unelected organization funded by tax dollars whose mission is designed to protect the system of school board power, not your children’s rights or your parental rights.  It advocates for Missouri public schools to be in compliance with reforms that are not in the best interest of taxpayers or children.

Don’t allow the schools to bully you or compel your child to take the test.  The tests are unvalidated and the schools should not be administering such tests as your children’s answers are being used by the testing companies for their product.  Tell the school you expect  alternate educational opportunities to be available for your child during these testing times.  Why would a parent send a child to school to take an unvalidated test that does not count toward the child’s grade but is being used to determine future test bank items?  What type of ‘instructional content’ is delivered by the school to students by taking these tests?  Missouri attendance law from


missouri attendance law

You pay for this system.  It’s past time to change a system that doesn’t protect children or parental rights.




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