This teacher’s actions indicate tremendous chutzpa or a total disrespect of legislative power.


Fascinating developments occurred in the ELA 6-12 workgroup gathered today to work on the new education standards for Missouri.  One of the appointees named by the Speaker was removed from his position on the workgroup and was notified of this decision last month.  Political appointees serve at the pleasure of the politician and can be removed for any cause at any time.  The removed political appointee, Nick Kremer, a teacher from the Columbia School District, appeared at today’s meeting as it is his belief the State Board has the authority to supersede the Speaker of the House’s directive.  From The Missouri Torch:


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nick kremer letter

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s latest installment (another ELA meeting is scheduled) on the political appointee who refused to leave because he doesn’t think the Speaker has the authority to remove an appointee who serves at the pleasure of the Speaker.  Stay tuned to the story of the teacher who believes he is above the law and has the power  to basically tell the Speaker he disrespects the office and the duties of that office.  Sounds like how Common Core was brought into the state, right?  The Governor, Commissioner and State Board ignored state statutes and the Missouri Constitution on educational direction and process.  There is a pattern emerging from the cabal of education reformers and this teacher is just following the precedent set by the adoption and implementation CCSS process which ignored the law and the legislature.

Below is Kremer’s pro Common Core video produced by DESE.  And if DESE knew about the removal last month and stayed quiet on its correspondence from the Speaker and let him continue on as a workgroup member, is it complicit in Kremer’s actions?  If the group leader knew about his removal  and let him continue on as a workgroup member, is the leader complicit in a plan to disregard the Speaker’s wishes? Are they concerned about process and the authority of the Speaker’s office?  Just wondering.



Published December 1, 2014


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