dese's attitude
DESE’s attitude in HB1490 hearings today toward citizen input.


We’ll be updating the work group process that started this morning in Jefferson City in accordance with HB1490 and the rewriting and development of Missouri standards, not standards written by private organizations held unaccountable to the public and legislature.

Word from the citizens who are attending, it has been a total Delphi attempt by Missouri DESE to ram Common Core State Standards through the work groups.  Attorneys from Missouri State Board Association and DESE are in attendance.  We still do not have confirmation that the attorneys are part of the work groups and why they are speaking.

DESE is bullying citizens once again.  Its arrogance toward the taxpayers who pay their salaries is unbelievable according to our sources.

Missouri Citizens: Call these politicians today and ask them why this state agency once again is allowed to subvert the process?

Lt. Governor Peter Kinder:  573.751.4727

House Speaker Tim Jones:  573.751.0562

Speaker Pro Tem Tom Dempsey:  573.751.1141

Call DESE at 573-751-4212 and tell them they are practicing the Lois Lerner style of government and superseding the intent of HB1490 for citizen input.   You may also tweet DESE: @MOEducation

More on these contentious Delphi meetings on Missouri Education Watchdog tonight.  With video.  Watch how DESE appointed members and staff treat taxpayers.



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