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Look at the upper right hand corner and read who Francis Howell (MO) teachers support in the upcoming school board election.  Or do they?  This is posted on the Francis Howell Missouri National Education Association’s newsletter:

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I have been contacted by several non-MNEA teachers in the district to deliver this message to the MNEA:

Non-MNEA teachers are angry that citizens are being told that the teachers/staff support these candidates. The signs in the Francis Howell School District either need to be corrected to read Francis Howell Education Association (FHEA) member supported or taken down!!!

What IS the Francis Howell Education Association?

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francis howell fhea

Let the record reflect that the MNEA does not speak for ALL teachers in the Francis Howell School District.   From this picture of campaign signs within the district (neighborhoods and on busy roads near schools) it appears as if THE STAFF of the Francis Howell School District supports these candidates. 

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Update:  From a reader’s comment:

I said everything I needed to say at the FHSD board meeting last Thursday night. Please take a look at the video of the meeting on the district website. Beginning of meeting and end.

Pay particular attention to the discussion in the beginning about the sitting Vice-President Mark Lafata and candidate for this upcoming education.  He is one of the candidates endorsed by the MNEA.  He is publicly called out by another board members for lack of attendance and bullying of other board members.  This board member called for a reorganization of the office of the Vice President and requested another member be appointed.  The motion failed.


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