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We just received information Governor Jay Nixon is going to be in Jackson, MO today talking about education.  As he is on the board of Achieve, he will undoubtedly push the implementation efforts of Common Core.  Please share the following information with others in the Jackson, MO area:

SURPRISE MEETING by Governor Nixon at Jackson Middle School today (WEDNESDAY). IF ANYONE CAN SHOW UP AT THE MIDDLE SCHOOL IN JACKSON bring your signs and join the Common Core protest. Show up around 11:30 and meet on the sidewalk around Route D near middle school if you can. Your time spent should not be longer than an hour.

Please help spread the word to anyone is this area who may want to participate and make a statement! BRING YOUR SIGNS and STAND UP FOR THE KIDS IN YOUR COMMUNITY! Show Governor Nixon that you don’t believe Common Core is good for the kids of JACKSON, MISSOURI!


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