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Who is behind this meme?



The vitriol from some of the Common Core supporters who want to marginalize those who disagree with them has been unleashed on Facebook…maybe.  I debated whether to even give this page any publicity, but parents might want to know about the newest topic of conversation in the Common Core social media circles.

The new Facebook page is entitled Parents for Common Core.   It is either a parody page or a full out assault on parents in public education and the home schooling community.  The vast majority of the comments have been met with either incredulity, humor or reasoning.  Not one ‘parent’ has come to the defense of the pro-common core statements.   (I’ve counted two pro-common core commenters, both teachers).   One anti CCSS commenter wrote that this page may have the unintended consequence of rallying the anti-common core groups in their message.

Here are some of the memes the unnamed administrator has published on the page:





bad mem 2


bad meme 3


bad meme 4

Let’s deconstruct the reasons we should be teaching Common Core according to this page:

  • the reason your child is overwhelmed us not that the Common Core is inappropriate, it’s that he/she is an idiot
  • moms are morons, cannot possibly teach their children and should leave it to the ‘experts’ (now would that be the NGOs or the teachers who don’t question the lack of research/data behind the standards)
  • you don’t have to worry about data collection unless your kids are scumbugs (what’s wrong with you anyway, don’t  you think the government should have total access to your life)
  • public schools exist to make certain home schooled miscreants cease to inhabit the earth


This page really can’t be real, can it?  Look at the original ‘about’ description of the page:


parents for common core original

When it was brought to the administrator’s attention, it was changed to this:

 (click to enlarge graphic)

parents for common core


It still is grammatically incorrect, but hey, it’s the parents against Common Core who are the stupid ones, right?

Who do you think is behind this website?  Is it really someone who supports Common Core (God help us if it is a teacher with this dreadful grammar) or is it a brilliant move to garner more anti-Common Core support?  Anti-CCSS folks have been marginalized and criticized even when they produce documents showing the circumvention of the political structure when CCSS was adopted and implemented, and the argument keeps reverting back to ‘show me a standard you don’t like’ mantra.  The standards themselves are not the primary issue.  It’s the process by which they exist and who owns public education that parents/taxpayer are primarily concerned about. 

But since those discussions are railroaded into meaningless discussions about how they ensure educational equity, create critical thinkers, provide rigorous education, and on and on and on ad nauseam without any facts, maybe we should resort to humor and make fun of this educational reform that’s ‘got nothin’:


ad nauseam


Enjoy some of the remarks on the page:


pfcc comment 2

pfcc comment 3

Some parents don’t quite know what to make of the mems and some believe it is a spoof to make Common Core proponents look stupid:

I honestly think it is a spoof. It is making Common Core look pretty desperate.

Home schoolers will be just fine. It is the adm of this page I worry about and anyone truly liking this page for any reason other than to watch the circus.

I’m having FUN watching this asshat page get ripped to shreds!! I gotta get some of the investigative moms finding out who these schmucks are..and make SURE they are not teaching our children.

There are actual parents for common core? This has to be satire right?

I’m not sure if I’m more amazed that someone started this FB page, or that 23 people “liked” it.

Maybe they “liked” it so they would be sure not to miss the hilarious and mis-spelt updates!


To the administrator of this page, I tip my hat.  You have effectively (and surreptitiously) made the Common Core-ites look vindictive and petty, which is how they have by and large treated parents opposing the CCSSI. Bravo.


(The title came from a reader’s comment on the Facebook site.)

Published December 12, 2014



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