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The Brookings Institute published a report which must be causing much consternation in the pro-Common Core circles.  It’s increasingly apparent that all that money and all the time many education reformers spent ridiculing parents who dared to question the NGO takeover of private education was a losing proposition.  More and more parents and legislators are deciding they should not embrace educational reform that is like building an airplane while it is flying and they don’t like educational theory masquerading as fact.  From Support for Common Core continues to wane:


The national results depict an emerging trend of thawing support for the standards. Support for the Common Core Standards has decreased every year since 2012. For the first time, in 2015, support for the standards declined from a majority to a plurality, and opposition continued to rise. The number of people who do not support the standards has quintupled since 2012, and increased 9 points from last year (26 percent) to this year (35 percent). This growing opposition stems from many diverse sources, which are identified and critiqued by Patrick McGuinn in a recent series of Chalkboardposts.

The supporters knew that they were facing political headwinds as early as 2013.  Matt Gandall, NGO education reformer, was retained by Bill Gates and others to craft a message of why the CCSS should be retained.  From Citizens are Winning the Common Core War:


the good news

the bad news

Gandal’s power point presentation (now scrubbed from the Internet) was the precursor to the recent Brookings report showing falling support for the reform that is not for an excellent education, but for workforce training.  Here is a report from a CCSSO sponsored meeting which he facilitated in 2014:

Making Career Preparation Work for Students – The Council …

Council of Chief State School Officers

Dec 1, 2014 – Matt Gandal, Task Force Facilitator, President, Education Strategy Group …… Presentation made to the Southern Regional Education Board’s …

You can read in this 21 page report how education is being transformed to job training with The Chamber of Commerce and businesses as leaders in this educational nirvana known as CCSS.  Search for the word ‘parent’ in the report.  Parents, the ones who are paying for this educational reform, are not considered as stakeholders in the takeover of public education.  The NGOs and ed reformers will align everything to CCSS to make it easy for parents to understand (page 20):

gandal and parents

It’s no wonder Common Core is tanking the more people hear about it.  It must be painful for Education Next, whose polling numbers The Brookings Institute used in its article, which documented the diminishing support for CCSS.  Look at the education reformers connected to Education Next.  Do you recognize many of them as avowed supporters of CCSS?


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