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 A description of Common Core aligned curriculum from The Great Body Shop. 

What does a Kentucky mom thinks about The Great Body Shop Curriculum: Cross Curriculum Multi-Intelligence Chart?

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Reprinted with permission from Ashley Sexton Neff:

Teaching about community service and getting hurt at school – in MATH class?!  Or, how about teaching 5th graders first aid and response for injuries resulting from violent acts?
This new “Practical Living” portion of Common Core in KY has health topics being taught in every class, not just P.E. and Health.
This week’s assignment: “Walk through your home and identify safety concerns. Write them down. Examples would be cleaning supplies in reach of babies and young children, frayed electrical cords, rusty nails, broken glass not cleaned up, or even needles and syringes.”
While I can understand the great importance of children knowing the dangers associated with these and other things, it clearly makes us parents look like we are mentally defunct. The fact that the curriculum expects our children to write these things down and turn them in raises serious concerns with me. What if someone is diabetic in the home and has lancets and syringes used for insulin injections, and a child writes down that there are needles in the home? Will CPS, DEA, or other law enforcement entities break down your door, assuming you are a needle junkie who knowingly puts their child in danger?

There’s an awful lot of emphasis on the kids – 5th graders here – keeping THEMSELVES safe. There isn’t anything in this that has them work with their parents to learn safety and first aid skills. Again, here’s another example of how CCSS takes parents completely out of the equation with their children. Just thought some of you parents would like to know.

PS…this health curriculum was implemented here in Estill County because we accepted a FEDERAL grant for health education. This stuff is selected by the FEDS, not by the state of KY. How’s that for “state-led standards and curriculum”??!!

What gets me is the sheer amount of PARENTS that aren’t able to critically think about these things going on in our schools. Worse yet, I’ve had people ask me what the big deal is. If the teachers are apologizing to me when I ask them “what the hell,” then something ought to turn a light bulb on in parents’ brains that something isn’t right with all this. Furthermore, there are teachers pulling their own children for home school left and right in Kentucky…what does that say about how well these standards are working? (Governor) Beshear should be ashamed of himself for this, and other atrocities, going on in our schools.

School should teach kids how to read, write, and do math. PERIOD. This CCSS curriculum would have us believe that we live in a country where most parents don’t bother to raise their children. When schools are teaching more about values, social norms, and personal topics than they are about the three things they SHOULD be teaching, it’s a clear sign that the government wants to raise our children the way it sees fit, and all we are good for is breeding.

I’m outraged that this is going on and it seems no one else around here even cares that we are seeing a takeover of our own children happen right in front of our eyes.

I remember the pretest that came home accidentally with my son that set me on a tirade. This is from that curriculum. “The Great Body Shop.” Before he had ever been sent to one class, I opted him out.

“The Great Body Shop” can be used in any state that welcomes it in. I want parents to be aware; I had no clue about this until my son accidentally brought home a 50 question pretest. He wasn’t supposed to bring it home. Parents, ask your kid’s teachers about this.

I’m so sick of the world’s elite deciding the fate of the worlds population.  They need to be stopped before it gets any worse.


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