The Federal bureaucrats in the US Department of Education are worried about the data mining via the structure (student longitudinal data systems) they supported which captures student/family Personally Identifiable Information (PII).  The bureaucrats endorsed the use of PII which was mandated via The State Stabilization Fund and ESSA.  Now that a new administration will be setting policy direction, data mining and use of that data by the Federal Government should be questioned and withheld by educational institutions according to some in the USDOEd and other bureaucrats:


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The argument against The Common Core State Standards Initiative over the years has been consistent: it’s an initiative that coerced states (governors and Boards of Education) into accepting Federal dollars and agreeing to expand state longitudinal data systems and it’s never been ‘it’s just standards’ and ‘show me a standard you don’t like’ argument.  It DOES tell teachers ‘how to teach’ (regardless of the NGO press releases) but one of the most dangerous facets of CCSSI is the data mining of students cradle to grave:


Alrighty then,  nice of these folks to admit that they are data miners.   But they collect children’s data, so what exactly are they mining and sharing?


naviance personality test

You will remember we wrote about Naviance who gathers personal information about school children, including personality surveys, hobbies, likes and dislikes,  employment history, and family information and financial, income information via grant applications, scholarship applications, college applications.  We also explained that during the Naviance process, there are many third party vendors who access the data.  In fact, students were asked to waive their FERPA rights while using the Common App through Naviance.  You can read about it here.



The USDOEd wants PII to be accessed by state/federal agencies and third parties under the guise of making certain that capital is work ready.  When you and your child’s PII is accessed by unknown entities for unknown purposes, the government somehow doesn’t believe that is an infringement of your rights.  However,  the USDOEd doesn’t want that same information to be used by the Federal Government for possible deportation use.  Below is excerpted correspondence from California State Superintendent Tom Torlakson stating that schools are not an arm of ICE and no PII should be released to law enforcement.  Question: is it permissible, then, for schools to be an arm of The Department of Labor and Chamber of Commerce as they provide data (without parental/student permission) for workforce development?


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tom torlakson


When the Federal Government allowed our rights to privacy to be compromised, the genie was released from the bottle.  Either the information gathering must cease or if it allowed to continue, then it’s all up for grabs for whatever use whatever agency deems is permissible.  Have the chickens have come home to roost?  That PII presently flowing to Student Information Systems might just be used by the Trump Administration for possibly deporting students and USDOEd officials don’t agree with that policy.  But the elites and teachers enthusiastically welcoming CCSSI with open arms never could understand the constitutional argument against allowing data mining of personal information to become policy and law and its unintended consquences.  From 2014 and Tweeter Doesn’t Like Living in an Educational Oligarchy….But….What Can You Do?:


Twitter update:  I  was in a conversation on why I am against common core with a person who agreed that the adoption of Common Core set up an oligarchy and even though he/she didn’t like living in an oligarchy, he/she didn’t agree that by living in an oligarchy of non-governmental organizations directing public education was enough reason to be anti-Common Core.

He/she tweeted that ‘system is failing, someone needs to step in’.  I observed ‘And there’s your conundrum. Who gets to decide who the ‘someone’ is? And ‘who’ decides failure?’ 


The someone now in power is a President developing immigration policies educational bureaucrats find objectionable.  The current President Elect is inheriting an oligarchic structure of government much to the dismay of these bureaucrats.  Oligarchy is great until your preferred oligarch is replaced by the oligarch you don’t like so much.  Can the USDOEd pick and choose what specific data PII agencies/third party researchers can use and which they can’t?  Can they legally withhold information from law enforcement?  Who/what makes that determination?   The information can’t be filtered once the spigot is wide open.  Either all PII data mining ceases or it’s an equal opportunity basket of information for governmental agencies.  This is what happens when political systems are co-opted and the right to privacy is taken away by your government and political bureaucrats:


The essence of freedom is the proper limitation of government.  When government power grows, people’s freedoms recede.  Once the Romans dropped their guard (reference to the increasing control of the government over the people) power seeking politicians sought to exceed the power granted to them in the Roman constitution.  Some learned that they could elect politicians who would use government power to take property from some and give it to others.

…Eventually the whole system came crashing down; they went from a Republic to a Democracy and ended up with an Oligarchy under the progression of the Caesars.  Thus democracy itself is not a stable form of government, instead, it is the gradual transition from limited government to an unlimited rule of an oligarchy.

Knowing this, we as Americans are ultimately left with only two choices: we can keep our Republic as Franklin put it, or we will inevitably end up with an oligarchy of tyranny of the elite.


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