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DESE welcomes your involvement as a parent! It  published the above graphic on its Facebook page.  But how is that involvement defined by DESE?  It doesn’t list the ways you can be involved in your child’s education, so let’s go through some of the policies DESE has written (MSIP5) and past events which illustrate its encouragement of parental involvement:


  • Make sure your child is well prepared on testing days so his/her data reflects well for the teacher’s and school’s evaluation so accreditation is ensured
  • Don’t have your child miss more than the 5 allotted days in a certain period without an excused absence, otherwise, the school will launch an investigation and possibly refer you to the Department of Social Services
  • Don’t pack a lunch that the school finds objectionable (hint, hide the Twinkies)
  • Don’t opt your child out of the assessments because the school won’t make its 95% participation rate and its accreditation points will go down
  • Come to math classes (if offered) for parents, not students to learn how to learn the Common Core process of math rather than teaching your child the algorithm method of calculating the answer
  • Don’t lobby against Common Core State Standards if you don’t want DESE representatives to call you names
  • Encourage your student to take all the invasive personal surveys your school offers for ‘research’ purposes
  • Bypass parental direction against allowing student computer access and adopt MSBA policy directing school officials to make this decision
  • Don’t ask your teachers/administrators questions about the data mining on your child.  They don’t know where it goes, who is using it or for what purpose.  Don’t ask DESE either: it will parrot it only collects what is mandated by the USDOEd
  • Don’t look too closely at your child’s curriculum and for heaven’s sakes, if the school uses CCSS aligned curriculum that you find objectionable, it’s not the school’s problem, it’s that you just don’t understand what children need to learn to be successful in the 21st century


So enjoy tomorrow as the last day of Parent & Involvement in Education Week.  Parents and DESE might define quite differently what constitutes *involvement* and *education*.  Many parents are aware that their involvement in their child’s education goes well beyond one week in September and that it is not defined nor superseded by a school district’s policies, a state agency’s mandates or the USDOEd waivers.





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