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Parents and teachers concerns about excessive testing are now assuaged!  Acting USDOEd Secretary John King wants to assure you that only tests should be used that measure writing, problem-solving and critical thinking.  He needs this to happen in all state and communities…and working together (he knows) we can strike the balance that every teacher and principal seeks and that every student deserves.  He reveals the Federal Department’s offer of ‘guidance’ to states so they don’t have to expose their students and teachers to unnecessary, low-quality, redundant or unhelpful testing.

Why is the Federal Department of Education informing states which tests are necessary, high quality, non-redundant and helpful?  Refer to our previous post on what percentage your state receives in federal funding.  Then ask your legislator, state educational agency and local district why anyone should even take this ‘guidance’ from King seriously.

As comments are disabled for this video, you can tell King what you think about the USDOEd’s testing guidance on his twitter feed:


I saw Neal McCluskey’s tweet on King’s youtube announcement.  You might tweet him, letting him know that you are concerned with this federal overreach and talked down to as well:


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