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The BIG NEWS on the Common Core front happened in Louisiana today.  Governor Bobby Jindal wants out of Common Core.  From Bobby Jindal announces plans to get Louisiana out of Common Core:

Gov. Bobby Jindal announced his plans Wednesday (June 18) to try and roll back Louisiana and the nation’s largest educational change in a generation: the Common Core academic standards and a related standardized test.

The Louisiana Legislature and almost all other high-ranking state education officials have indicated they want to stick with Common Core. Still, Jindal called on them to come up with its own “Louisiana standards and a Louisiana test” to replace the academic standards.

Common Core is “just not going to happen,” he said. “We want out of Common Core.”

Though he said he would push to pull Louisiana from Common Core, the governor also acknowledged that he can’t entirely do so unilaterally. Jindal may have the ability to block a Common Core standardized test the state had planned to use next year, but he can’t ditch the academic standards totally without the support of the Louisiana Legislature or the state school board.

…..The governor said the current agreement Louisiana has entered into with a Common Core test developer — called the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) — doesn’t comply with state law. The arrangement calls for the state to enter into a contract for the PARCC test, without going through a competitive bid process.

“PARCC is, at least anecdotally, more expensive than many of the other tests offered out there,” said Jindal, who explained the state is supposed to pick the cheapest testing contract that is acceptable.

The governor also expects state lawmakers to push for new Louisiana-based academic standards to replace Common Core in 2015, though legislators refused to do so during their session that concluded just two weeks ago.

“The Legislature, when they are in session, needs to tell [the state school board] to develop Louisiana standards and a Louisiana test,” said Jindal.

The State Board of Education President is not supportive of the Governor’s decision:


Petrilli and Jindal


This is reminiscent of our previous post when the Louisiana Chamber of Commerce, Business Roundtable and other special interests spouted a similar narrative:




The “common” advice (adapted from the previous post) to any State Board of Education now protesting when a governor exercises his/her executive authority to extricate a state from the Common Core State Standards Initiative:


When they supported the adoption and implementation of Common Core State Standards Initiative that bypassed the legislature and the voters and gave the control of public education to private companies held unaccountable to the legislature and voters, they gave up all rights to complain about any political tactic they deem “overreach”.

We used to be a nation of laws.  When a governor addresses the outright dismissal and ignoring of a state constitution, state legislature and voters, and the increasing centralization of power by the Federal Government and private organizations (which used Federal dollars) to direct/develop public education, these State Boards of Education have no right to argue or complain.  The State Boards of Education “maneuvers”  on #Common Core run contrary to “representative government” and circumvents state legislatures and the voters.  It creates private ownership of public education held unaccountable to the legislatures and voters.

When you go down the road of using whatever means you can use to justify an end result, don’t try to complain that the political process that you circumvented is now valid.



UPDATE: State Commissioner John White has decided to ignore Jindal’s Executive Order and will not drop the assessments and the standards.

From the Diane Ravitch link and some readers’ comments:



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