From a Missouri mom concerned about Common Core assignments and a questionnaire her son received in Math class:

For all you parents that don’t know how in the world a profile could be created on your child, could it be created from an assignment such as a math survey? Take a look at #2:

Who are the people who live in your home(s)? Please included names and relationships.(Example: Dawn Summers – sister)

My questions are:

  • where did it come from
  • where is it going
  • what does this have to do with math

The questionnaire was given at the beginning of the semester. It took me two months before the teacher finally sent his graded papers home after asking at least eight times. It took involving Missouri DESE, state representatives, the school’s lawyer, several parent advocacy groups and one mad momma to get the school to release his class work. Why, you wonder? Maybe because even though I told them no Common Core math, they were doing it anyway or maybe it was because of things like a Math Questionnaire that looks more like data collection.

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math questionnaire 1


math questionnaire2


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