What do you think  about the assignment below?  Is it age appropriate?  Is such an assignment appropriate at any age?  Should a student be allowed to write about going to middle school without scripted words?  If you agree with using scripted words in an assignment, are these words appropriate?  If a student is uncomfortable with an assignment should he/she be allowed to skip that assignment?  Should the school provide an alternative assignment?  Should a student be required to share his/her feelings with a teacher (and by any other party accessing the information) if he/she is uneasy with sharing his/her private feelings?

Is this the role of the school?

I am sharing my son’s SCHOOL assignment. 5th grade. As he felt uncomfortable with it, he raised his hand and told the teacher he was VERY uncomfortable with it. He asked if he could bring it home so he could discuss it with me. It’s due Wednesday. A 10 year old boy does not need to openly discuss this with his teacher. We have a very open dialogue in our home, thanks.  AGAIN he is 10 and in 5th grade. You can think this is appropriate until you are blue in the face but I certainly do not need the school’s assistance in raising my children to understand what they are going through and feeling. I’m quite certain my years in the medical field and the way I’ve ALWAYS spoken to my children trumps anything. Moreover they don’t get to access his private thoughts on the subject. For those that would begin to question authenticity… shame on you. This is my child’s assignment and I am choosing to share the nature of it.  I am on Long Island in the Port Jefferson to Shoreham region.


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Update from parent:

This is fom 5th grade Health “The Great Body Work” workbook.
Please keep in mind for ME the question was NEVER if the subject matter was appropriate. I was completely comfortable with him LEARNING about all of this. I was uncomfortable as was he obviously in him having to discuss and project his feelings of the topics under the guise of helping him get ready for middle school and the personal perspective aspect. Had they simply asked him to demonstrate a working knowledge of the vocabulary I would have been fine. But to ask his personal perspective to be shared with someone who is a teacher, this is WAY out of their scope of licensure. A teacher is NOT a psychologist, psychiatrist or social worker.
ALSO the teacher had NO idea that this assignment and the classwork had been modified to fit the Health standards under Common Core UNTIL I showed her the one from 3 years ago (both literature AND accompanying assignment) that my daughter had vs my son this year ALONG with the “Health Standards”. Frankly THAT scared the hell out of me more.

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