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Are you concerned about the personal information your student is asked in school surveys?  Did you grant parental permission for data mining of emotional information on your minor child?  Is your school board honoring your refusal if you have “opted out”?
Are we going to see class action parent lawsuits against school boards, superintendents and teachers for not following parental wishes?  The parent is the legal guardian of his/her child, not the principal.  When did the school staff decide it had parental rights and override parental direction?
Let the lawsuits begin if the schools ignore/override parental direction on data mining.
From http://nhfamiliesforeducation.org/.  It is an excellent website for your state’s group to access for common core, data mining, legislative action issues that you can adopt/adapt.  I especially like the questionnaire for candidates to determine about educational views.  Watch for a similar questionnaire soon on this blog and Missouri Coalition Against Common Core.

Data Mining of Private Student Information through Invasive Surveys Parental Consent Required


Dear School Board Members and Officials,

Several weeks ago, Karen Cabral from Pelham spoke at the Manchester, NH School Board meeting when they voted to back away from Common Core. Click here for the video recording of citizen testimony that evening.

She testified about student privacy issues in our schools and, specifically concerning the increasing invasiveness of the “surveys” her 7th grade daughter has been subjected to.

Most of us know how many documents we have to sign relating to health care and HIPAA privacy laws.
Did you know that your student’s HIPAA privacy protections end at the school door?

Karen testified that since the FERPA laws were gutted in 2012 at the federal level, any health care information collected at school about your child is unprotected.

Read this letter from Senator Markey in MA to the US Dept of Education articulates the problems with the changes to the FERPA laws and why our student’s personal information is at risk:  — US Senator Markey, Massachusetts, letter to Duncan on FERPA & data mining.Karen’s daughter has been given FOUR behavioral surveys since the beginning of the school year. One recent survey asked: Does your body move while you talk?
Do you often want to touch what you see?
Do you want to stomp and slam the door when you are angry?
These may seem innocuous since they are questions that could relate to learning modalities, such as auditory, visual or kinesthetic learning styles. However, they are also the same types of questions asked relating to medical conditions such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, ADD, and anger management issues and dyslexia.Karen told her daughter not to answer invasive questions at school, however, according to her testimony before the Manchester school board, the teacher stood over her daughter and pressured her to answer.

She asked the Manchester School Board if we are expecting 12 year-old students to have to stand up to their teachers to protect their own privacy?

The bottom line here is this:

If our school boards do NOT proactively defend our students personal privacy rights, who will?

Do our school boards have written privacy policies in place that spell out that NO student information will be released without written parental consent or court order?

This is imperative as the requests for more and more data about our students are increasing.

Here are the 400+ suggested data points established by the US Dept. of Education Website.

Notice items, such as: Academic Delinquencies, Family Income Range, Family Obligations, Father’s Educational Level, Immunizations, Religious Affiliations, Various Test Scores, and other information that  families should reasonably be able to consider to be private.

Increased data mining through Common Core assessments will make this even worse.

School Boards must enact clear privacy policies to clear up any confusion. Let’s ask them to do this for our students.

AND, HOME EDUCATORS….THIS SHOULD MATTER TO US. Other states are experiencing increasing intrusion into home educators’ lives as a result of Common Core and the Federal intrusiveness overall.

Reach out to your school boards and ask them to guarantee your student’s privacy IN WRITING.


Gretchen Logue

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