devil child

If your data set at age four labeled you as a ‘devil’s child’, what do you think your chances in life (a global society) might be?  If your data includes the following

  • you live in poverty and are malnourished
  • you are quite ill
  • you have no parents
  • you have a physical disfigurement
  • you are exposed to terrorism and death at an early age
  • you have no early educational experiences

your future looks rather dim as you are not a good specimen for workforce needs.  Your life by age four has probably determined not as many resources should be directed toward you as you just have too many strikes against you.

But what the workforce and governmental educational reform doesn’t take into consideration are the impact of human emotions such as love and passion, both of which can’t be mandated by any consortia but can have remarkable consequences as to a ‘devil’s child’ outcome.  Michaela DePrince, a world class ballerina at age 19, only had one possession when she was in a Sierra Leone orphanage: a magazine picture of a ballerina.  She was ranked as the last child in the orphanage to be adopted because of her appearance.  Taken as a data set, this young girl from Sierra Leone would be a poor prospect to succeed.

Here’s a story about the human spirit which is impossible to track by any adjectives and goals imposed on children to make them into capital.  Parents, don’t let your children be defined by an arbitrary set of data the Chamber of Commerce thinks your children should possess.   Look at the video below and remember your children’s future are ultimately theirs and up to them:


Here’s a book review on her book from The NY Times.

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Published January 11, 2015


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