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Well, that’s a new description of parents and taxpayers opposed to private NGOs directing/developing public educational policies and assessments (funded by the Federal Government) with no accountability: noise machines.  It’s an inclusive label as the writer in this Daily Beast article lumps parents on both the left and the right opposed to Common Core as noise machines.  The writer, Jonah Edelman, may be a father but he’s not your ‘average’ taxpaying father with a nominal interest in education. From the comments:


Why would a ‘father’ attack parents who have opposing views with such a condescending phrase which reduces them to inanimate objects?  Maybe it’s because the larger hat that he wears is not a ‘father’ hat, but an education reformer fedora?

Here is some biographical information on Mr. Edelman:

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Did you see the graphic from the description which has this caption?


You can find details of his remarks here that he made at the Aspen Institute in 2011 (an education reform organization) for which he later apologized.  These were remarks made toward teacher unions four years ago; in 2015, it must be fair game to label those parents opposed to Common Core assessments as noise machines.

It’s a pity for the education reformers that they are meeting resistance with parents who don’t buy into their talking points.  That constitutional right for freedom of speech and dissent keeps coming up as a stumbling block in the total takeover of public education by private organizations.  Parents who have done their homework know that these assessments are not verified, written by private organizations and not states (as directed by many state constitutions), and that the claims he makes in his article are just reprocessed talking points from the same NGOs who crafted the assessments.  It’s a poorly written article based on theory and no facts.  It’s the same type of PR rolled out by Achieve, Bill Gates, CCSSO, PARCC, SBAC, etc to sell the Initiative.  But it’s a sign of a losing PR campaign when you personally attack adults by labeling them noise machines when these same ‘inanimate objects’ are practicing their constitutional right of dissent.

Mr. Edelman may have just provided more energy into the growing number of parents opposed to the assessments by his flippant dismissal of the serious concerns parents have for their children and current educational reforms.  Maybe you would like to add your comments on his article here.

Be the noise machine he accuses you of being and thwart the plans of the elites.  That’s what he’s protesting, the privatization plans not being implemented to his liking.  It’s your kids and your taxes.  You have every right to make as much noise as they can stand until they retreat.  Who ‘really’ stands for children?  Parents or the private organization ‘Stand for Children’?  If it really was ‘for the kids’, it wouldn’t disrespect those children’s parents by trying the Alinsky tactic of ridicule.  There’s your answer right there.



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