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Is excessive testing abusive? Is data mining and disseminating children’s information without your knowledge and/or consent a crime via The CCSS Initiative? Start asking these questions.

We  posted a letter today from a teacher in Idaho which allowed us a peek into a Common Core classroom.  She told how the children had hours upon hours of testing.  She also wrote about how the data was being gathered and disseminated.

 Stephanie Zimmerman from Idahoans for Local Education sent me a follow up post to the teacher’s original letter which you can find here.  If you are interested in finding out additional information on data mining, you won’t want to miss her subsequent article:

The response to my letter last month on the basic facts of Common Core were overwhelming.  Since there were so many who were shocked and amazed at what they read, I am choosing to share a lot more.  The information I share in this letter contains more facts that every parent and teacher and ALL citizens should know.

My aim is to protect the amazing kiddos that come in and out of my classroom each year, the outstanding faculty that I work with day in and day out and the parents that trust me to take care of and teach their children.  Knowledge is power.


Read more here in An Idaho Teacher on Common Core Part 2 — Deeper Facts on Data Mining in our Schools.


Published September 1, 2014




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