Teachers are being asked to drive the message that the Common Core standards are great, will help kids go to college and parents should be satisfied with their proclamations of  their belief that they are higher…and just better than anything that a state could have done on its own.  This is a 30 second youtube video that uses glowing, wonderful, nebulous adjectives with no specifics.  It’s disingenuous for teachers to use language like this considering Common Core has been sold as being “data-driven”.  You think they would be giving us some facts about the standards instead of generalizations.


This infomercial was paid for by The Higher Standards Partnership, Inc which is funded by the US Chamber of Commerce and The Business Roundtable:


youtube video higher state standards partnership

Missouri DESE apparently believes such 30 second spots should mollify parental, citizen and legislator concern about standards adoption and implementation that the vast majority of Missourians did not even know about. Heavily funded PR spin now is coming out from private business lobbying organizations to tell citizens and legislators how wonderful they are, four years AFTER their adoption.  Isn’t that a hoot considering the standards were adopted even before they were written?

Higher State Standards website and DESE

I guess Missouri DESE doesn’t want a conversation about the standards or the group pushing them, but as DESE doesn’t enter into discussions with the public about Common Core, this response is not surprising.


Here is information about LearnMoreGoFurther.org (the firm making the video) and the domain registration:

matt leonardo domain registration

The domain owner is Matt Leonardo who works for revolution-agency:

(click on text for larger view)

matt leonardo

We are seeing an agency with GOP roots (even as the national GOP has a platform against Common Core) and a former lead strategist for the Chamber of Commerce providing scripts to teachers to tell misinformed taxpayers how it’s all going to be just fine even as they offer no data/research to back up their claims.  Leonardo has been a media strategist for the Republican State Leadership Committee and apparently caught the eye of Jeb Bush’s Florida organization:

foundation for florida's future

Wouldn’t you like to see what teachers who are not the spokespersons for special interests, but rather the students, have to say about Common Core?



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