If you read DESE’s press release about the last two days of work group deliberations pursuant to HB1490 directives, you would think they have been a smashing success and DESE is being helpful, rather than obstructive for a true exchange of ideas and thoughts on setting MISSOURI standards for MISSOURI kids:


dese 1490 statement

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Let me share with you statements from some of the participants NOT selected by DESE and NOT associated with the MNEA, MSBA, DESE, the Governor, Higher Ed and Career Tech:

  • We are badly outnumbered as slots had not been filled until the last minute.  Facilitator moving forward.
  • DESE facilitator delivering powerpoint, has no idea who wrote it.
  • Common Core proponent says we live in a democracy, not a republic.
  • Our DESE-controlled group  decided to keep the  Oct. 2 & 3 dates and the Oct. 20 & 21. Three of us wanted different dates that were non-school days but we were shut down.
  • The facilitator in Science 6-12 attempted to intimidate those who spoke out against Next Generation Science Standards.
  • Several appointees made derogatory statements about a Speaker Jones’ appointee while the appointee was not in attendance.
  • Legal counsel for DESE, Mark vanZandt, spoke to workgroups about DESE’s interpretation of what the licensing agreement of Common Core meant.  What legal counsel the other side appeared for a balanced opinion?  No other opinion was provided.
  • Some pro CCSS appointees were insistent that participants were there solely to review Common Core standards rather than developing Missouri standards.
  • Many participants were insistent that the group respect the sunk cost argument putting restrictions on the scope of what could be considered because districts had already invested in curriculum changes for common core.  (This restriction is not in the statute.)
  • The Common Core proponents don’t care about the federal intrusion of Common Core, rule of law, and resist hearing about any other point of view and their only mission is to review and retain Common Core.

I hope the work group participants appointed by leadership will respond to this reader who left this comment (below) on our previous article about the process.  It’s apparent he/she has only done close reading and believes DESE’s statements.  What the press release doesn’t say is that not all appointees were present to have a voice in the process to write new Missouri standards, rather, the groups were dominated by those opposed to any changes.  Is it any wonder, then, that the majority of the groups voted to retain their facilitators?  When you only have part of the facts (like the knowledge of most of the CCSS proponents on the history of Common Core), the process is invalid and doesn’t reflect honesty:

Huh. Sounds to me like the panels *want* DESE’s involvement:

“[DESE] provided individual group facilitators and note takers to each group to assist in conducting the first meeting and allowing the work groups to convene. The facilitators will not serve in future sessions unless requested to do so by the work group itself. As of late Tuesday, 6 of the 8 groups have requested that the Department continue to provide this resource.”

Huh. Leadership appointed work group participants, what say you?


Published September 24, 2014


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