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A story went viral this week about a dad being arrested at a school board meeting.  Concerned citizens spoke out on what they considered pornographic reading assigned by a New Hampshire school.  A father was arrested for disorderly conduct when he went over his allotted 2 minute limit and added comments.  Apparently when it comes to public school commenting, dissent is NOT patriotic and is discouraged.  Adults pay heavy consequences for asking questions and raising concern.  Yes, this dad was certainly a public menace and needed to booked for disorderly conduct.  This is what the system thinks about your opinion and your ability to voice your serious reservations about public policy: it is dismissive and totalitarian in its response.

So here’s a way to not to get arrested at a school board work meeting while stating your concerns and trying to deliver a petition with 500 anti-common core signatures:

The school board refuses to put you on the agenda because it says it’s too full and changes the meeting time without informing the public.

The television news coverage below says the work meeting started at 5:00 PM, but comments on the FB site from attendees say the meeting started earlier than 5 PM.  I can’t find school board documents on Sikeston to see what the usual start time is for the meeting and if notice was sent out about the time change 24 hours before the posted time.  I can’t even find a school board agenda for the school board from this month or previous months.   There is some question on whether taxpayers were given notice of any time change within 24 hours of the meeting as required by policy.  From “Notification of Board Meetings Sikeston”:

sikeston board meeting rules

From Missouri Moms Against Common Core Facebook page:


Sikeston residents are fed up. Parents and citizens are taking a bold stand against Common Core there. Too bad their school board chooses to ignore them. They filed a formal request, in accordance to the district protocol, to be placed on the agenda for this months board meeting to address the board about their concerns with Common Core …. they were denied (of course). They had over 700 people in one week sign a petition to encourage their board to sign a resolution against Common Core, and acknowledge the concern parents have in that community. They turned those signatures over to the board last night with not one word mentioned by the board, or any kind of acknowledgement of over 100 people many of which were standing outside of the board room due to the overflow shown in the meeting last night. Those people who made the time to attend that meeting were not happy for several reasons. One of the most obvious reasons is they got to see up close and personal just how little the district regards those parents. The people that showed up made plans to attend the normally scheduled “work session” meeting that normally starts on the Wednesday prior to the first Tuesday of the month and the “official” board meeting. Those meetings are scheduled routinely for 5:00. The majority of those who showed made plans to be there at the normally scheduled time, however, when they got there they found the meeting to have started at 3:30 with no public notice made of that time change. Apparently the PRO Common Core teachers got the memo as they occupied most all seats in the board room. I guess the board must have considered those PRO teachers as their layer of protection from the parents. Additionally, the parents were met by the presence of (what we were told were up to ) SIX police officers (others noted only three officers) not normally dispatched to the board meetings. One must ask if this was an intimidation tactic?

I don’t know about you, but that is not what I call a friendly welcome. Aren’t parents supposed to be “the most important part of a child’s success”? Isn’t that what we are told? Is it time that district officials stop SAYING that and start ACTING like it?

Unfortunately Sikeston is not the only district that behaves this way. MANY districts have shut parents out for too long. We have had enough. It is time to take our schools back. GREAT JOB SIKESTON PARENTS AND CITIZENS. You inspire the rest of your state to follow your lead.

Look for an interesting school board race next year in Sikeston. Those people are looking for true representation on their board. They are tired of being shut out of their kids schools. I don’t blame them.


Click the link below and watch the news story below:

KFVS12 News


The district states the agenda was full and the citizens can return next month.  Maybe the disenfranchised parents and citizens will have even more than 500 signatures on the petition to stop common core.  Maybe they should start arriving at 1 PM in case the time is changed again.  Maybe the School Board should understand this isn’t the way to treat the parents and taxpayers who are compelled to pay into this system and provide the students for the system’s existence.  Maybe school board members and the superintendent should practice the same character education of respect and honesty they are supposed to be teaching students.


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