michelle obama and a piece of the pie

I saw the above meme about Michelle Obama and was curious where she made this remark and to whom.  And that’s the beginning of an interesting journey.

I searched for “Michelle Obama and a piece of the pie”.  It led me to a Charlotte Observer story with a dead link that is not even accessible on the Wayback Machine.



She made this speech on April 8, 2008 and by the next day (according to one commenter), April 9, 2008, the link had disappeared from remarks on this Charlotte NC forum.


However, there were many articles written about her remark with the references to the Charlotte Observer article.  Memeorandum listed several articles who linked to the Charlotte Observer link:


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david perlmutt and michelle obama


From the weeklystandard.com:


weekly standard michelle obama


An article from HotAir gives the direct Instapundit link which had the now scrubbed Charlotte Observer link.  From sistertoldjah.com:


sistertoldjah and michelle obama


On an April 9, 2008 Democratic Underground discussion topic, commenters referred to that same Charlotte Observer article when Mrs. Obama talked to those parents at Dixon Academy:

michelle obama and education 1



This link has the entire article copied from the Charlotte Observer which is now nowhere to be found on the internet:


michelle obama and education


The point of this post is this:  How can we expect students and adults to think critically about informational text when the information is scrubbed and the traces of what a person says and believes is difficult to find?  As students will increasingly be “learning” online, how do we as parents know that what they are learning is the truth?  This was before the 2008 presidential election and perhaps the campaign handlers didn’t want voters to know that a revamped education system meant that successful school districts would be subjected to the Common Core State Standards Initiative and give up any excellence they had attained so they could be as common as the lowest school district.  Do you still believe (if you ever did) that the standards were “state led” and this “piece of the pie” education remark wasn’t about more federal control via waiver threats and promises agreed to by the states for State Fiscal Stabilization Funds?

Your students must learn an important skill in this digital age: learn how to create pdf’s and screen shots to prove that what they read doesn’t disappear forever.  Don’t depend on the mainstream media.  Why did the Charlotte Observer scrub this particular link?  Was it because it would have been detrimental to a political candidate?  This is the omission of remarks for a purpose.  It’s the rewriting of reality.


Remember, this was before Obama was elected and before we knew about the CCSS Initiative.  Read this HotAir reader’s comment about education.  The reader nailed the public education issue six years ago and laid out the blueprint of Arne Duncan, the NGA and CCSSO:

michelle obama and hot air and education

UPDATE:  A reader was able to find the scrubbed link from The Observer and you can find it here.  He found it by typing in “web cache” in his browser, then pasting the now-defunct original link. I appreciate him finding the link, I had tried all the ways I knew to access it and I could not.  The article had a video of the video which cannot be accessed.

The point of the article is still this: How can we expect students and adults to think critically about informational text when the information is scrubbed and the traces of what a person says and believes is difficult to find?  The bloggers and non mainstreamed media outlets were the ones who preserved the reporting and historical documentation of the visit, not the Charlotte Observer who scrubbed it.  I have read and heard derogatory statements about bloggers and non-paid journalists from politicians and the question if these writers “deserve” First Amendment protections.  What if they are the only ones preserving the statements of politicians and bureaucrats that the MSM conveniently deletes when it doesn’t serve an intended purpose?















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