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Politico writes how How Common Core quietly won the war.  The journalist informs the Republican presidential contenders to forget about any sort of action against the idea of jettisoning the standards because they have been around for years and the ‘conspiracy’ theories surrounding the arguments have faded away.  Rather than hard data and research and how CCSS is ‘not just standards’ (but is an Initiative requiring Federally approved teacher evaluation methods and data tracking of students/teachers), this piece is little less than a PR blast on why the standards are here to stay and Republicans (although there are many Democrats against the standards) should just drop this as a campaign issue.

The paragraphs in the opening graphic encapsulate an intended outcome of CCSS.  The expanded analysis ability for a Ocala, Florida student about The Mayflower and his response was based on stories that described rotten food and abysmal sanitary facilities.   Even if he received instruction about why the trip was taken (for religious freedom), the physical comfort and fears for a 6 year old superseded the notion of freedom.  What 6 year old wants exposure to difficulties?  What 6 year old can envision a life that does not include the freedom of religion?  Or freedom of expression?  What 6 year old can understand that the struggle for individual liberty means sacrifice and if that sacrifice is never given, oligarchies will continue their power over individuals?

Parents should contact their schools to see what type of ‘shared curriculum’ is being used in their students’ classrooms this year when learning about Thanksgiving.  Read Anne’s post (2014) about her thoughts about Thanksgiving lessons:


You are probably picturing this Norman Rockwell image in your head after reading the title of this post. That is a relatively modern Thanksgiving. The newest one is the one invented by the school in Texas which portrays the pilgrims as the first terrorists. The truth is that neither image is indicative of the original thanksgivings and if there were ever a time this country needed to rediscover the roots of thanksgiving it would be now.

Eve LaPlant wrote in the Boston Globe in 2007 that the original thanksgiving celebrated by the Puritans  “was not secular, but deeply religious. At its center was not an extravagant meal, but a long fast.”  Contrary to the newly created folk tale being taught in Texas, the Puritans who gave thanks to God for their deliverance from a harsh winter that they endured with little physical protection, sought “redemption: to examine the faults in oneself – and one’s community – with an eye toward spiritual improvement.” They were not seeking to terrorize a local population in order to conquer it. The day was not about an Indian feast, it was about a devout people’s recognition of their own faults and their drawing together to declare their mutual efforts to overcome those faults with divine protection.

The Continental Congress called for America’s first official day of thanksgiving in 1777, imploring Americans to give thanks and to offer “penitent Confession of their manifold Sins.” Washington was the first President to designate a” Day of Publick Thanksgiving and Prayer” for November 26. On this day he declared that we should “thank God for the civil and religious liberty with which we are blessed.”


What was the primary reason provided for The Mayflower journey in the various and Pinterest lessons Principal Jayne Ellspermann refers to in the article?   What should concern Ocala parents is that this principal apparently is proud of the ‘analytical thinking’ her grandson used on why he wouldn’t want to sail on The Mayflower.  Get a magnifying glass and read the lesson on Mayflower Mayhem from Teachers pay Teachers.  If I were a 6 year old student, I wouldn’t want to be on that ship either.  It’s a journey fraught with sickness, bullies, and danger.  There is no mention in this close reading on why the Pilgrims risked their lives for an 88 day journey.  If this is indicative of expanding a 6 year old students’ analytical ability, he doesn’t want to make the trip because he doesn’t want to be uncomfortable.  If this is the lesson used, he doesn’t even know that these people risked their life for a belief.

Did he receive other instruction on why the Pilgrims sailed and was it historically accurate?  Did he learn that the pilgrims were terrorists?  Was freedom of religion mentioned?  Read more on this high school principal.  She is an author at The Hechinger Report (Gates funded and CCSS supportive) and National Principal of the Year (2015) of Secondary Schools.  This honor was bestowed on her by a private non-governmental organization, National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) which is also supportive of CCSSI.  Note that NASSP is a lobbying group wanting to retain the standards and other centralized educational reforms.

Parents/grandparents: How would you respond to such analytical thinking from your young child/grandchild about sailing on The Mayflower?  Would it be different than the Ocala principal who also serves as President-Elect of NASSP?


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