Heat Street reports: Google has snuck an operative onto Trump’s Transition Team

…we think someone needs to alert President Trump of this questionable lobbying effort  by Google.

Tell President Trump: Get Google out of the FTC and out of the White House.


HeatStreet has written an excellent piece on Google’s Eric Schmidt and another Google insider,  Joshua Wright.  They expose Google’s  surprising  plans to infiltrate the Trump transition team.  We suggest you read this short piece in its entirety here, we post a few excerpts below.

For the last eight years, Google has enjoyed a cozy relationship with the Obama Administration. And the search engine giant made a big bet on Hillary Clinton, backing her hard in her presidential run.

During the campaign, Schmidt helped to spearhead a start-up called “The Groundwork,” that provided Clinton with coding, data collection and engineering talent. The Groundwork, with its weird, Illuminati-esque logo, began billing the Clinton campaign back in 2015, and reportedly built the entire technological infrastructure underlying Clinton’s operation.

Schmidt knew his involvement could mean big returns because Hillary’s campaign wasn’t his first foray into politics. He was the #3 donor to Barack Obama’s re-election campaign and the #6 donor to Obama’s 2008 campaign, and appears to have parlayed that generosity into unprecedented access for Google inside Obama’s White House.

Google used friends in the Obama Administration to position Google Wallet favorably to its competitors. When the Administration was trying to drive “payday lending” out of business, those lending companies in which Google had invested — LendUp and Lending Tree — emerged remarkably unscathed.

Google even got a friend into a key position in the Library of Congress, one that could eventually help it win a hard-fought battle over television set-top boxes that help consumers get a la cart cable — at the expense of copyright holders.

But that era is ending now, and Donald Trump’s election should have meant a swift end to Google’s insider access. After all, not only has the Republican Presidential nominee declared an end to lobbyist-infiltrated Federal departments, he’s also been a vocal and constant critic of Google, largely for its Democratic ties.

During the campaign, Trump repeatedly attacked Google, even saying that he felt Google was “out to get him,” accusing the search engine of gaming its results to benefit Hillary Clinton, and burying news detrimental to his Democratic opponent (a charge Google denies).

On the campaign trail, he called Google a “disgrace,” and branded the search company, “very, very dishonest”. Closer to Election Day, he urged his supporters to “follow the money” to discover Google’s extensive ties to Clinton’s operation.

It might come as a surprise to Trump…that Google is already working hand-in-hand with Trump’s team, helping Trump’s fledging administration establish roots in a key Federal agency. [THE FTC]

Meet Joshua Wright, a law professor from George Mason University, who will help head up Donald Trump’s team at the Federal Trade Commission. Wright was an FTC commissioner until 2015, when he took his current job as a teacher — and as an “of counsel” lawyer at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, the white shoe firm that represents Google in front of the FTC.

Tech companies have been quite busy in the last week working on plans to infiltrate a Trump White House. And Google may need Federal government allies more than most: it could be facing down anti-trust actions in the US — not unlike issues it faced in Europe. Friends on the Federal Trade Commission could go a long way toward helping Google avoid penalties.

Google’s  involvement in Government and surveillance is not new.  You can read more about how Google has been involved with Hillary here, involved with Obama here, involved with surveillance in schools and Smart Cities here, and huge report of Google’s Lobbying Activities  HERE.

Let’s hope that President Elect Trump puts an end to this pay-for play by Google (and other edtech giants) immediately .

You can contact the President Elect on twitter: @realdonaldtrump

Contact the Trump Transition Team here: @Transition2017



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