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Fulton Middle School (MO) parents are extremely upset with a character survey given at the school by two physical education teachers.  From connectmissouri.com:

Parents of Fulton Middle School students are outraged over a series of questions put to them by two physical education teachers, and the school superintendent is apologizing to them and vowing that such incidents will not happen again.

According to two parents of children who were affected and who contacted KRCG, the questions included:  Has anyone in your family ever been sexually abused;  Is anyone in your family addicted to drugs; Are either of your parents in prison; Have your parents ever sold drugs; and has your family had to struggle to pay bills or put food on the table?

The children who answered yes were reportedly asked to step forward.

Here are screenshots from the KRCG 13 youtube video.

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Note: the captioned transcription is auditory and may not always accurately portray what the reporter is saying.  It should read Fulton public school administrators say their survey is called

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Climate.  The activity was part of the day focused on character education…

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The graphics below should read and is aligned to the Missouri State Standards for Health to Fulton Middle…

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These graphics above and below read …(Fulton Middle) School. Physical education teachers took a survey from students by lining them up in gym class

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Below it reads as a continuation from the sentence above and the beginning of a new sentence…..and asking them to step forward over a gray line when they wanted to answer yes. The teachers asked students, has anyone in your…..

fsd 6

family…..and then below are the questions the reporter reads that were asked of the students:

fsd 7

Watch the entire video here.  Two parents express their outrage at this survey and the superintendent apologized for the survey and he doesn’t believe ‘that the questions were appropriate’.  He is extremely sorry that the school caused stress on parents and families.  He has sent a letter to parents stating that he will be investigating the matter further and doesn’t know yet if the teachers will be facing disciplinary action.

On Facebook there is a spirited discussion on KRCG 13’s page.  The parents are outraged and one smart parent posted this:

They are now admitting this is all part of common core….

fsd common core curriculum

However, when you click on that original link, it doesn’t appear any longer and the only news article from connectmidmissouri.com is this link which doesn’t mention any connection or statement from school officials that it is aligned to The Missouri Learning Standards aka Common Core State Standards (or curriculum) and that the survey is called ‘Climate’.

Here is some information on Climate Character Education.  There are numerous surveys given to students so Fulton School District parents will need to ask the superintendent exactly which survey is given to a group of children asking them to step over a gray line and divulge extremely personal information in a group setting.  Not only is it a public invasion of privacy, parents need to ask if that information is being tracked, where it is going and for what purpose.

Parents might also want to ask the superintendent that if this indeed part of the curriculum (as was apparently stated in the original news article) if this curriculum is a national curriculum and if it is aligned to the Common Core standards.

climate education program

On the Facebook page, KRCG 13 also has posted:

Parents, if you’re willing to talk with us for a story, please call Mark Slavit at 573-808-3613.

**UPDATE:  Be sure to read the comments from the news link.  This one caught my eye:

I was apart of the kids who answered the questions, it was a student council character building thing. We were asked very personal questions, and we were not supposed to talk about it afterwards.

***UPDATE: The editor from connectmidmissouri.com responded to my email this morning about the name of the survey.  It is called Claim It. We will have more on this survey and the questions from a Claim It survey tomorrow.





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