sit and stare
…but not Sikeston Missouri School District.


United Opt Out has published four recordings of a Sikeston Missouri School District curriculum instructor talking to a parent who has refused the test for her child.  There is no Missouri state law compelling students to take assessments.  Regardless of that fact, listen to the administrator’s words in the recordings.  From United Opt-Out:


Sikeston School District in Missouri is requiring students to stay in the testing area during the SBAC. They don’t find “sit and stare” to be a big deal. Last week we shared the superintendent’s letter here. They also state that students who refuse may be subjected to disciplinary actions.


The last recording prompts United Opt-Out to write:

Parent explains that sit & stare is child abuse.  Curriculum administrator continues to discuss “opportunity to test.” We recommend that parents file a civil rights complaint. See our directions here.


Listen to the recordings of the conversation here.

The above graphic is from an article about the reversal of Amherst’s School District sit and stare policy.


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